Workout Techniques | Building mass and definition.

Hello friends. Today I will write about basic workout techniques. This will probably be a two part article split in to upper body amd lower body exercises so that I can fit the basic exercises in this article. I will use bodybuilder videos so that you can see the actual muscles that are being used. Shall we begin?

Upper Body

The Bench Press

This exercise builds the chest muscles otherwise known as the pectoralis major and minor or pecs for short. The bench press can be done using dumbbells, barbells and machines. I have used all three methods to build my chest. This was my favorite exercise. In my prime I bench pressed 405lbs. 3 times and my chest measured 52″. In those days I didn’t believe in doing one maximum lift…Hey, I was young, okay? This video shows a proper way to bench press. If you listen to the video it recommends doing 3 to 4 sets, I prefer 4, and the sets should be between 8-12 reps. Done on a bench press apparatus laying on your back you grab the bar at a shoulder width. You then lift the bar off the rests and lower the weight to between your nipples and your throat. Now this is important, when you lower the weight do not touch your chest to the bar all while taking a breath in. Then you explode the weight up while breathing out.  Repeat for between 8-12 reps. A chest workout should be done once a week. Quality over quantity I always believed in. I will show you more advanced exercises in my next series.

The Lat Pull Down

The lat pull down works the latissimus dorsi. This muscle gives width to your  upper back giving you that pleasing V  shape. This is done in 3-5 sets, I prefer 5 doing 8-12 reps per set. If you can do more  than 12 you are using weight that is too light. Done in a sitting position you grab the bar the bar in the outer part of the bar a little wider than shoulder width apart. Apply force by pulling down on the bar to right in front of your upper chest. Be sure to squeeze your back muscles (lats) and try not to use your biceps as a major force to pull the bar down. Personally I go up a weight plate if I am able to after each set. If you are a beginner I recommend that you stay on the same weight until you build strength and confidence to go to a heavier weight. I will show you other exercises in the next series.

Shoulder Military Press

The military press. I do these, but these are definitely not my favorite. I still do them because they are an important body part to build up as these are what I call frame builders. Let me explain. Let’s say that you are a building. You need a good strong foundation to build upon. Military presses build your foundation and then you can do other finishing exercises to make your building look gleaming and polished…Make sense? Anyway, military presses work 4 main muscle groups. The deltoids (posterial, medial and anterior muscles), trapezius (also called traps), triceps (the opposite side of the bicep), and the upper chest. It’s important that you try and use as much weight as you can while trying to do sets of 10. If you do this right you will grow 4 muscle groups with one exercise. You can do this either standing or sitting, I prefer sitting because I am more stable and can lift more weight. Standing does have its benefits as well, Since you stand while doing this exercise you engage you core muscles which will give you more balance and core strength. I’ll leave the decision to you.


Bicep Curls

The biceps are the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles of the upper arm. These two muscles make the biceps. The biceps are used for picking up things. And bicep curls are the main exercise to build these muscles into magnificent peaks. This exercise uses the EZ-curl bar. You can easily purchase one and they will be in just about any gym you join. If you follow the short video it’s very important not to swing your back. Form, not weight is the most important thing to build great muscle structure. Phil’s bar curls are new to me and I want to try it out. Or you can do the standard way by just pulling the curl bar up all the way. Just remember, he did win the Mr. Olympia 7 times. He is one Big Boi.

Tricep Pushdowns

The tricep brachaii muscle is comprised of three muscles. The lateral, medial and long head. When doing pusdowns, form is is very important. Keep your elbows close to your body and your starting position should be at a 90 degree angle. Keep your back fairly straight. If you lean forward you will work out your shoulders and you don’t want to do that. Firmly push down on the bar while also squeezing your triceps until you reach the bottom of the exercise. Release then repeat. If you are a beginner pick a weight you are comfortable with and do sets of ten. If you are more advanced load more weight and do more reps per set. Try and do 4-5 sets.

My next article will key in on Abs and legs (quadriceps, hamstrings and calves). Then I will key in on other exercises for the bodyparts. Please be assured that I will use women’s videos in my next article. Men bodybuilders have bodies that are easier to watch how the muscle works.




11 thoughts on “Workout Techniques | Building mass and definition.

  1. Hey,

    Really pleased I came across your article as I have began putting on a bit of weight since we are in lockdown. I need to get back into exercising and I could really do with reading more of your articles. The videos are great too.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Courtney,

    Thank you for the above workout techniques.
    You stated that the individual should do 4-5 sets of each with various reps depending on whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your workout routines.
    How much rest would you start with in between sets as a beginner? How much rest in the advanced stages? How much time should it take you to perform the above exercises?

    1. As a beginner I would recommend a rest for a minimum of 60 secs up to 90 secs per set. As you get more advanced and you use more weight, like a near maximum lift I would rest longer. By the time you reach that level you will know how long it takes for your body to recover to do your next set.

  3. Great Workout Techniques Building Mass And Definition, I have been not able to workout at the gym for months due to the COVID-19 virus, so would you be able to recommend any workouts I can do at home without any equipment just to keep from getting too much out of condition?


    1. There are a lot of bodyweight exercises you can do with no equipment. Push-ups (my favorite) they work your chest, shoulders and triceps squats, calf raises and ab work. If you can find a raised horizontal bar like a thick and strong tree branch or go to a park they usually have a pull up station. Pull ups work your back muscles. Or get inventive like use a broomstick handle and put some gallon jugs filled with water at the ends and do bicep curls. Where there is a will there is a way.

  4. Great information on these exercise techniques. Strength training is recommended to help boost the immune system, something we all need to consider right now, but really all the time. Are there ways to use inexpensive at-home equipment to achieve the same results? What type of equipment would you recommend to use at home?

  5. Hello there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative post on workout techniques building mass and definition. This article is indeed filled with quality and useful content. I am considering starting some exercises and working out again. These workout techniques are really nice and I think they are worth trying out. 

  6. so thoughtful of you to share such an awesome review on workout techniques building mass…working out does a lot of benefits to us as it helps in keeping us strong and healthy and mostly helps in burning excess calories in our body…these workout techniques even here will do a lot of benefits to you if properly handled… thanks for such an intriguing review I look forward to keep to practice these workout techniques…

  7. At 53, I’ve spent most of my life working out, although that is relative to the years in between that I have done nothing. When have I felt better? I probably don’t need to answer that question. However, I’ve always struggled with knowing what works best for me. I realize everyone is different, and exercise routines are not exempt from requiring different things from different people to realize the same results, but certain things are scientifically proven to burn body fat and increase muscle mass. Those are the things I’ve tried to do. 

    Thanks so much for the info you provide. I’m wanting to move into a better routine soon and I will check your site often to see what I may glean in becoming a better fit person. 

    Here’s the $164k question: How does a 53 year-old man with shoulder issues get back into a healthy regimen that is effective and not overly time-consuming?

    1. Hello Darrin,

      I myself am 55 so I’m sure that we have very similar aches and pain. When I had shoulder problems I went to see a Dr. first to see what my issue was. I had strained my rotator cuff and I couldn’t move my shoulder in certain positions without sharp pain. Since it was a strain I took it upon myself to do some research. I talked to physical therapists and thy told me stretch every day night. You can look on the internet for shoulder stretches to do. Then I applied heat to my injured area. After a month, I then started working out again making sure that any exercise I did involving my shoulder I did with lightweight. The Dr. and PT’s told me it would take months for my injury to heal but heal it did. Remember, the first hing I did was to go see my Dr. to see what’s wrong. I suggest you do the same.



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