Weights | Workout from home…Weight for me…(chuckle)

Dumbbell Weights

Whether your a novice, intermediate or advanced lifter, we have you covered with just about any dumbbell weight you need right here. If you saw the weightbelts post you might recognize the gentleman to the left.  He has been featured in Powerlifting magazines and has in several Powerlifting feature films and has squatted 1,000lbs. several times. That’s my massive friend Scott “Hoss” Cartwright. Google him and see what you come up with. He got cut up and did his first bodybuilding competition not too long ago. He achieved a huge transformation by diet and doing lots of cardio all while having a full time job and taking  care of and watching over his family. His kids are very intelligent and great in sports by the way. He is a great friend of mine and I do wish him the best in life…and he loves his mother very much…Sorry man. I just had to mention that.

rod3This gentleman here is family to me. He married a beautiful cousin of mine. He’s originally from Kentucky so he is a Southern gentleman at heart. His family is as solid as he is. Let me introduce you to my In-law Rod Young. Now he tells me that when he first saw me years ago, he wanted to be built like me…Now, I don’t know about that but he has clearly surpassed me in every way in the body department…We met I’m pretty sure in the early 90’s…My goodness. I am old. Old as dirt as my kids would say to me. Anyway, Rod is a full time dad and works full time in a physically demanding career. His only son, his diamond that sparkles in his eyes, who by the way just graduated college last year. I remember him being born…My God. I am very old. Anyway he has competed in several bodybuilding competitions and has had pictorials done on him in the muscle mags. He has recently gotten back into competition shape and I think he will be competing later in the year.

rod1Now the million dollar question. Do you think these guys got in this shape by wishing for it? Or by eating bon-bons in front of the TV every night? Nope!

They got in this shape by dedicating their time and energy in the gym or at a home gym lifting what amounts to tons of heavy weight over and over again. Do you have what it takes to be this dedicated?…Well, I’m waiting…

Anyways, You don’t have to look like these guys to be successful at the gym. Maybe your goal is just to lose a few pounds or even gain some. Or maybe you just want to tighten up a bit of flab.

Or Maybe you just want to be healthier you. Maybe lower your blood pressure, get more definition and energy. Exercise will do that for you. But I bet you knew that already.

As long as you ease into a program using weights and not do what I did which was to lift my very first time and catch the gym bug right away.

Which may be rare nowadays as millennials want everything yesterday. It takes time to sculpt a body with proper nutrition, which I screwed up on big time. In college a food pyramid was a pyramid of empty beer cans, emptied by none other than me.

Ask Scott Cartwright about that….uuummm…maybe you shouldn’t.

Barbell sets & Barbells

Let’s start at the beginning now of basic weightlifting. You have a bar, then you put weight plates at either end then you lift, (deadlifts & squats) press,(bench press), pull, (back & biceps), push, (shoulders & triceps). And there you have it.

Basic moves you can do with a weight bar and some weight plates. We used this tool before specialty machines were made to exercise one body part at a time. Which are fine if you the spare change to pay $2,000-$4,000 per machine for  each body part. But now home gyms are being made and sold throughout the world.

And some interesting inexpensive alternatives to those machines are also available. This Gorilla Bow (Videos are in this link) really piques my interest very much. It takes just about any weight lifting apparatus and puts them in one convenient package.

Yup. I just watched the videos and you can indeed use these for effective weightlifting. Easy to pack, very portable and have 350lbs. of resistance if you load up all the bands. Remember the Gorilla Bow. Takes the gym and puts in a small lightweight package….very nice…I just learned something today.

There are many types types of equipment to choose from when working out. Some are small, like grip strengtheners to full out weight machines and squat machines.

This kind of equipment can take up a lot of real estate in your home. But luckily there are smaller options that you can use in a room at your house. Like a basic bench press.

I started out with a basic bench at my house that I grew up in. It had a bar rack on it so I could do a basic bench press with and had an incline so that I could adjust the angle of the bench as to do incline bench press motions.

It was very sturdy bench and my dad bought it for me. It also came with a barbell and dumbbell bars with locking clips at the ends. It also came with 135lbs. of cast iron plates.

As I grew stronger and bigger I bought more cast iron weight plates for my weightlifting set. I placed it in my room and worked for many hours on that set.

My dog would sit and watch me workout until he got bored and then took a nap. I gotta tell you. I learned to concentrate and to be more disciplined working out by myself. This was my drug for many years.

I also bought other accessories for my weight set as well. I will tell you and feature some of those items later.

We didn’t have cell phones in those days so there are very few photos I took of myself. Selfie pics did not exist back in the day. This was a pre-selfie era.

Yeah, I know. We had to chisel on a rock to take a picture…Hardy. Har. Har.




10 thoughts on “Weights | Workout from home…Weight for me…(chuckle)

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. My cousin has a well-built body after hitting gym for at least two years, so I understand that those good muscles can’t be built within a few weeks. Actually, I want to follow his step, but due to coronavirus pandemic, all of the gyms around me are closed. Can home workout be as effective as gym workout? Thanks in advance for your explanation

    1. Yes. Working out at home is a very effective way to build muscle. As long as you have the drive, workout diligently and eat plenty of good food you can get big. Look at this machine. I just found this today. Gorilla Bar You can workout anywhere with this.

  2. Hey Courtney! I would call your guys “hardcore” to the gym, and that is a very good motivational story for someone who wants to “go hard” at the gym after some break. I checked your suggestions on the dumbbells and the weight plates, and they were phenomenal, and most importantly, they come at the right price.

    Home weight-lifting is highly recommended now since we have to be on a quarantine because of the pandemic and we need the home exercising plans more than ever, and your recommendations are very useful.

    Is Gorilla Bow a good option for the intermediate? 


    1. Thank you for your great comment. I have used dumbbells and barbells and gym machines all of life in the gym, but this Gorilla Bow is a great option for all levels of lifters (beginners, novices and advanced). It’s lightweight  and portable and can provide up to 350lbs. of resistance. This is a game changer for those who want to workout wherrever they are.

  3. The first i want to do is try to share this great article with some of my friends. i think The website is really nice. and i have learnt something tangible from this well detailed article on weights. presently my girlfriend wants me to gain weight and hit the gym but i do not know if i can achieve tangible results in two months. thank you

    1. You can get good results in two weeks. But you have to follow a weight gain regimen very closely. Workout with heavier weights at least 4 days a week and eat lots of protein filled foods. I suggest you consume a 30g protein bar on days when you work out. You can also eat the during days you don’t work out as they will help build your muscles while you rest. And they have plenty of great nutrients in a typical bar. There are many of them out there. Just do a little research on what’s out there.

  4. This is really an insightful post and i am sure that this article will be of great help to so many people just as it has really being of great help to me. This is a great article on weight. i hit the gym as often as possible but i would like to know something. do you think that supplement will be good for me since i just joined the gym less than 2 months?

    1. Thank you for the comment. Yes. A good researched supplement is good. Make sure it is from a reputable company.

  5. Interesting insights on weight lifting. If you are female and interested in weight lifting what would your advice be? I’ve got a cousin who wants to build some muscles and she is in her mid forties. She hasn’t been to gym before. Do you think it’s a good idea to start doing the weight lifting now at her age especially since she’s only starting now?

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