Weightlifting Gear | Gear that I have owned and used at home

The Arm Blaster for Bicep Curls

bicep_machineThis portable hand-held apparatus takes the place of a bicep machine or a bicep preacher curl chair.

This apparatus is minuscule compared to the size of a bicep machine and a preacher curl chair. And the price is also minuscule compared to a bicep machine and a preacher chair cost.

This apparatus has one job and one job only. To support the arm and keep it stationary during a bicep curl exercise.

I had one of these years ago. It was an anodized blue aluminum. It was a good looking apparatus. And I used it a lot.

My arms definitely got bigger and more defined reaching a 19 1/2″ circumference. That was the biggest my arms have ever been. I give total credit to this kind of apparatus.

I used to bring mine to the gym so I could have quick and easy access to all the weights I needed. This was an investment that paid off well for me. Will it pay off for you too?

The Champion E-Z Curl Bar

A versatile piece of equipment for every home gym. I had one just like this one. I used mine to do bicep curls, “skull crushers” for the triceps and shoulder press exercises.

Now, I mainly used this bar for bicep curls and triceps “skull crushers”. I did thousands of repetitions of these exercises over the years and the E-Z Curl Bar use is best used to isolate the muscles.

For a biceps workout I would use the Arm Blaster with this bar to get a great blood pump in my biceps. For “skull crushers” technique was everything to get maximum effect for the triceps area.

It’s very easy to cheat with this exercise and you should start off with light weight to get used to the motions of this exercise. So you should do it with somebody who knows what they are doing and there are plenty of useful videos on YouTube to research on how it is done.

Like this one. EZ Curl Exercises for Bigger Stronger Arms. If you cant do it with somebody watch the video but practice with just the bar itself and get used to the feeling before putting any plates on.

They don’t call these “skull crushers” for nothing. They wont give you butterfly kisses on your noggin when you hit your head.

The Venerable Push Up Bar

I have a story to tell about push ups. I started doing push ups when i was a freshman in high school. I started off doing 10 and that was rough. I did sets of 10 reps. Then I started doing more, and more.

In a couple months I was doing 10 sets of 30 to 40 push up every night. Then I bought my first set of push ups bars which allowed me to go lower when I did a push up. That extra maybe 2″ made all the difference in the world for me.

My chest and shoulders got bigger and broader. I was mixing it up with my weight training at home. Soon I could do 100 repetitions for three sets along with my regular workouts. I then joined a gym.

I went to college and joined a fraternity. I was what you call a big beer drinker. I had brothers in the fraternity who were under the G.I. bill. For those who don’t know what that is, it is a program where the Army pays for your college when you enlist.

If I’m not mistaken after your service is done you can pick a college that the Army will pay for.

Anyway, my brothers would bring some of their Army buddies over to party with us, and eventually a soldier would say to me, “Your pretty built”.

Then the conversation would turn to, “You’re all show and no go.” When I heard that I jumped to action.

I would say, “How about a push up contest. Say for one minute.” Military guys are very proud of their physical fitness and they would always say, “You’re on”.

I knew that I could go full bore for at least a minute. I would say, “Let’s bet a 12-pack of beer”. They always say, “It’s a bet”.

So in front of the whole party we would get on the ground and one of my fraternity brothers would do a countdown.

“3, 2, 1, GO!” Now I was pretty sure that a military guy can do a push up 1 per second which would mean that they could do around 60 reps. I was sure that I could do more.

I went balls out. I was pumping out so many pushups that I could not count. But the crowd kept count for me. The time ran out. The soldier did exactly 60 reps. My count was 105 pushups in 60 secs. Now that was a lot of push ups in 60 secs.

I respect our people in the military so I didn’t make him honor our bet. I bought him a 12-pack and he was happy that I did that.

And that’s my push up story.

Hand Grip Strengthener

The ole handgrip. Who can ever forget this piece of equipment. Used to strengthen your grip and increase the size of your forearms. When I first used one of these I could barely do 10 reps. After a while I was doing 100 reps for…I don’t even remember how many sets.

My grip vastly improved and I gave the best handshakes and my forearms got big and veiny. Handshaking might be a thing of the past after this corona virus thing is gone. But if you want to increase your grip strength and increase your forearm size  you should seriously consider buying a set of these. Your forearms will thank you and so will your nurse.



6 thoughts on “Weightlifting Gear | Gear that I have owned and used at home

  1. Wow what a lovely article we have here, I and my dad has been  in search for a good weight lifting gear product to try and now we have this article, am sure going to show him this article for him to make his choice and place his order. 

    Thanks for this  article. 

    1. Thank you for reading my article and commenting on it. I do appreciate you passing my article along to your dad.


  2. Thank you for that great article. The home exercises are more actual these days like never before. Myself included. You provide here some valuable tools. I never heard of the arm blaster, but it seems to be really helpful stuff. I am now doing a lot more my shoulders and did leave arms without attention for a while. But would need to go back to it. Together with the venerable push-up bar, I might get much better. Will really consider buying them. By the way, I am impressed by the story with the army guys-;) 

    1. Thank you Julius. If I can recommend anything It would be the push up bars. They work out your chest, shoulders and back. The army story happened a few times in my years. That was the first time I had ever done that.

  3. Hi, Courtney.
    Thanks for sharing the information on your favourite weight lifting gears at home. The bicep arm blaster, the curl bar and push up bar seems so simple but very important resource of our daily exercise plan. Your story along with the details of these gears motivated me a lot and I planned to take out my old gears to use them again. Thanks, buddy.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Your welcome. The bicep arm blaster, curl bar and push up bars were very essential in building size and strength. Yes! Bring out your old gear and use them again. You’re never outgrow your workout gear.

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