Weightbelts | Weight a minute…Get it? Weight…Wait?

Weightlifting Belts

If you plan to lift heavy or even moderately, I can’t stress enough the importance of a good stiff weightlifting belt, aka a weightbelt.

It gives extra support to your back and abdomen. Especially great for the lower back as it is susceptible to damage if movements are not done correctly…So, do it correctly and use a weightbelt dammit!…I’ll calm down now…

Anyway, they are used through out commercial industry for physically demanding jobs such as dock loaders and FedEx and UPS shops use them when lifting loaded packages.

In this video down below is my friend and fraternity brother, Scott “Hoss” Cartwright. You will see him use two pieces of gear for this major lift.

A weightbelt and knee wraps. (Well talk about knees wraps and wraps in general in another post) And of course the basic shorts, T-shirt and a pair of shoes.

His lifting shoes if I am not mistaken are a pair of Converse high-tops. But for this lift I am not sure. For this lift he squatted 1000lb. 800lbs. on the bar and 200lbs. in chains. He did 5 reps in this video. “Hoss” is strong like bull!!!

Remember, a weightbelt is not a fashion statement. It is a lifting tool to help you keep your spine from buckling and to keep your insides in.

And they assist you in achieving your maximum lifts and offer support for a vulnerable area such as your lower back.

I remember using mine as a way to make my tummy look smaller and make my chest look bigg….Let’s all forget I mentioned that last sentence…Please?

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that a weightbelt is a tool to be used in weightlifting or work conditions requiring a heavy lifting during the working day. Baggage handlers use these everyday at their place of work as well.

Constant turning of the torso under the stress of moving large heavy bags around can and will and eventually take its toll on these workers backs.

They are also used in construction. The people who lift the boards of wood, the bags of concrete, the piles of materials that are used in the construction trades. As well as the movers when the house or building is done.

There is a universal need to protect the back and abdomen section of the body. Besides, the hernia or lower back muscles you save might be your own.

So, protect your back. I have had back problems and it sucks…Really, really sucks. I’ve been stuck in bed for days with back issues. Nothing like crawling to the bathroom to take a piss and then needing to take a deuce 30 minutes later…

Now that was a pain…in my a**.


8 thoughts on “Weightbelts | Weight a minute…Get it? Weight…Wait?

  1. Thanks very interesting and I understand that these belts help the lower back and abdomen but I am really keen to understand how a thin strip of leather can protect us when weightlifting.

    Are you able to explain more about what it protects from and potentially far more important; what can a weightlifter expect to happen if they just don’t wear a weight belt, what is th actual detrimental effects thathey might be expected to experience 



    1. Hamish,

      A weight belt supports the back. If a person is not wearing a belt the stress can lead to buckling of the spine as the worst that can happen. A weightbelt can also prevent hernias. All of the lower back is protected from stress and injury when you use a weightbelt.



  2. Thanks for sharing such an informative article with us. I never heard of weight belts before. My brother goes to gym on a regular basis and he lifts weight out there. That’s why he stayed home due to the severe back pain. I will definitely buy this belt for him as he suffered from back pain. 

  3. this is a great and amazing article. i sincerely your effort creating time  to write on such an informative article which has taught me a lot more on Weightbelts. i made use of weight when i do my daily exercise. but i get pains on mu waist almost all the time. thanks for sharing this amazing article for everyone to have a view on

  4. Hello, the first thing that i noticed when i opened this page is the beauty of the website. i am sure you have put much effort into creating this article and the details are really clear here. i would say that the prices of these belts are rather cheap considering the inflation of every thing this period.

  5. I would love to create a website like yours as the template used is really nice, simple and brings about clarity of the write ups, but then you wrote a brilliant article on some of the best weight belts available and you have given clear and explicit details on them. thank you very much.

  6. Although I am not into weight lifting at least I have a few basic knowledge about it and the weight lifting belt is one that I am conversant with as at a certain time i thought it was a female belly belt.

    I use to have a friend that is into weight lifting and I must tell you this was one of the most important items he usually carried while going to the Gym as he said it his best friend…

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