Weightlfting Gloves | Hold on. Weight!…I Got Nothin…(Tee Hee)

Let’s say that you’ve been working out for a few years and you develop calluses on your palms. And let’s say that you have an important meeting with a regional buyer for a large order. We meet for lunch over her big purchase. You reach out to shake the buyers hand and her reaction is one of shock, just like you put a knife to her hand…

I know because it has happened to me. I had to explain to her that I work out regularly and that is why I developed calluses on my hands.

Luckily she accepted my apology. But I never forgot that experience. From then on I always wore weight gloves when I went to the gym to prevent this from ever happening again.My first 10 pairs looked a lot like these (See below).

So, please don’t under estimate the use of weightlifting gloves. When I was younger me and my weight lifting buddies would run our callused hands across each others back to see who can inflect the most pain. I know, mature, right? But it was a lot of fun…(Tee Hee).


After that experience I would lotion up good after my workouts and within a month I had supple soft hands to shake hands with important business contacts and my girlfriend approved too. This brand has been around for awhile so I trust them.

Weightlifting gloves are well worth the small investment that they cost. The protection they give your hand and the extra grip they provide can be a game changer. So be strong and lift heavy to get your beef up…

Weightliftimg gloves are kind of a misnomer. I personally have used them for mountain biking and road cycling and have also used them on construction jobs during my college years. They can also be used for rowing a small boat or riding an ATV. These gloves can be used for a multitude of reasons. I’m sure that you can find plenty of purposes to use weightlifting gloves. You can even buy multiple pairs of gloves if you want to want to keep them for separate uses. They wont break the bank.

Buy a weightlifting glove that will make you feel and look good. Fit and comfort is a key factor. They are important and price point can be a determining factor. But try and not make be a determining factor when buying lifting gloves. Support and padding in the palm and wrist can be important depending on your hand and wrist strength…What more can I say? They are protection for your hands.


9 thoughts on “Weightlfting Gloves | Hold on. Weight!…I Got Nothin…(Tee Hee)

  1. Hey thanks so much for the advice, though my days of serious weightlifting are somewhere behind me. I have ordered these gloves before and I use them for cycling, rowing and cross training, they are great.  I will be sure to order them through your site in future now that I know you provide such good information on these and other applicable fitness products.



  2. Good point thank you.

    Ive never used them, and yes have had callouses.  Gloves are something that could really help.  

    Do find that you can still get a Good grip on a bar?  Does it help stop the bar slipping?  Can you get a good feel of the bar?  If it can’t improve safety, especially when going heavy then it’s a great tool.

    1. Having calluses gave me problems.

      And they do help grip, they do help prevent bar slippage and they are fingerless because that’s where most of your touch senses are located. You can feel the pressure through the gloves as well.

  3. I’ve used free weights as part of my workout routine for many years and, yes, it does take its toll on the skin of the palms of your hands and the inside of your fingers. I haven’t at this type of glove for a long time and am pleasantly surprised to realize that they are a lot more reasonably priced than the last time I looked. These definitely seem worth the small investment. Thanks very much for sharing this information.

  4. Hi, Mercado.
    Thanks for sharing the information and importance of weightlifting gloves. The sweet, small and live experience of life made your article an interesting read. Why not to take some precaution when alternatives are available at reasonable rate which can be afforded. At lease our better halves will be happy to hold our hands and enjoy the moments.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  5. this is a great and amazing article. i sincerely appreciate your effort creating time to write on such an informative article which has taught me a lot more on Weightlifting Gloves. I have made use of this gloves anytime i am weightlifting and it works very amazing. it is so important for every weightlifters to afford this as well. hanks for sharing this amazing article

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