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To be quite honest I have never owned or even really used a all-in-one portable gym. I’ve always preferred real gym equipment.

But I’ve recently have been introduced to some portable home gyms. Now most gym rats would just scoff at these pieces of equipment but in these current times of crisis these home gym make perfect sense.

Even gym rats don’t have the kind of equipment that they are used to in a fully stocked gym. I mean who has the space and money for 500lbs. of weight plates and a 45lb. Olympic weight bar, an Olympic bench press and Olympic squat bar.

I mean that equipment can be as big as a car. So, maybe. Just maybe, you can put your equipment in your garage and put your car outside…I know people who do that. I will review and explain these portable gyms as best as I can for you.

The Gorilla Fitness Bow | Be a Gorilla and use this…

The Gorilla Bow. I found this quite recently and it really surprised me on how versatile this can be. You can workout your back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs and abs with this apparatus. This is pretty impressive for a piece of quality aircraft aluminum.

They are rated for over 350lbs. of resistance but I would be amiss if you actually used it for over that resistance. You see, I want to get in shape not maim you.

These bows come with 110lbs. of resistance bands. Some of you will say that’s not enough for me. Well, no need to fret my friends. Extra bands are available for purchase. (Click here to purchase extra resistance bands). The extra pack of bands have 2x80lbs. plus 2×90 = which should equal 340lbs. of resistance to your workout. Is that enough for ya?

I’ve listed two different models. The more expensive one on the left side of the video is a collapsible model so you easily pack it up and take outside or a hotel room for those that need a quick workout when out for a business trip. You know how hotel gyms have pretty restrictive hours, just like the damn Jacuzzi’s have limited hours. Those bastards close the Jacuzzi’s at 10pm…

If you buy these they ship from the manufacturer. So even if you are a Prime member you wont get free shipping. The shipping charge is about $16.00 at the time of me writing this and it ships in 6 to 10 days to arrive to your place of residence.

Look at the the full complement of available videos to get an idea of the kind of exercises you can do with this. You can get a full workout with the The Gorilla Bow and if you so desire get an extra resistance band set to really build your muscles.

The OYO Personal Gym | Total Body Package

This is another small personal gym that I found called The OYO Personal Gym. This one doesn’t use resistance bands. This uses what they call NASA’s spiraFlex technology.

I guess to better explain it better is to call this a resistance flywheel…Does that make any sense? If you need a better explanation just watch the embedded video I put in….Do you understand how it works now?

Did you watch it? Okay. I’ll wait….Okay then. For its small size it does a remarkable job of giving you a pretty complete work out. From legs. abs, back, biceps, triceps. shoulders and even chest. This little apparatus covers most if not all the major muscles in the body.

This personal gym will give you adequate resistance for a person of all sizes whether you are a man or woman. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to an experienced bodybuilder or weight lifter, but if your goals are to gain some size and tighten up your body then this will be an effective tool for you.

I mean they give this to NASA astronauts for space station duty as it is way lighter than a pair of dumbbells and takes up virtually no space so it makes sense to carry these around in space.

You can use this on a walk, a plane, your hotel room, at work. This is indeed a portable personal gym. So Bon appetit…Is that the right context for that phrase? Oh well, you get the picture….I hope…

I just gave you a couple ideas of how these personal portable gyms can help you while we are all stuck inside our domiciles. Even though we are stuck doesn’t mean that we have to stop working out to keep our bodies strong and fit.

We will be out sooner or later. But when we do get out wont it feel nice to lose a few pounds or get trimmer, and more fit?

How about if you fill out your shirt in all the right places? Bigger arms, chest, back and shoulders, or better yet. What if you made this your lifestyle change you promised yourself over and over again for years? Make that change today.


11 thoughts on “Portable Gyms | Workout effectively at home

  1. Wow! Never could I have thought about the effectiveness of this gorilla bow because it seems quite awesome and superb. To be honest, the way the gorilla bow is made makes it versatile and mobile to carry around too. I love this and thanks so much for sharing here. Getting very portable gyming equipment is essential as they can help ti achieve the best with at home activities. Thanks

  2. At this time when there is a total lockdown, I am looking to use it to be able to get as fit as j can but I’m sure that one cannot do that if one doesn’t set up their own home gym effectively and that is why j am here. I have never really heard of the gorilla bow before but looking at it and seeing how it works, I’m sure it’s be good to help me work out my limbs pretty well. Thank you for this.

  3. A lot of people who really wish to be going to the gym get discouraged as a result of the people they meet there or the distance needed to be covered but if only they are aware of small portable gyms that they could have at their homes to make exercising very easy them.

    Haven gone through this your beautiful written article I now have the ideas of the perfect potable gym needed to keep fit ate your own leisure time and at your door step…Thanks alot

  4. Weight lifting makes sense as we need a source of resistance in order to build muscles. With this equipment, you are the sour of resistance rather than gravity (as I saw in the video).

    Thanks for delivering a great review post. I  like the fact that it seems very durable and solid. It won’t take much space at home while not using it, and that’s a great thing on its own. My only concern is that the rubber are the parts that would suffer from wear and tear with time and use: Do you know if they sell these parts separately as a replacement?

    Great product review post!

    1. Hi Juan,

      Thanks for the comment. They do sell the bands separately. I put a link in the article if you want to check it out.

  5. I never ever ever go to the gym but I do want to exercise, its all because I’ve got school and work on the other hand and by the time I’m done it will be late in the night I think this gorilla bow will just do because after all that I just drive to some local ground and do a little push ups sit ups and pull ups and some lousy exercises just to make sure I do don’t get a heart failure. 

    Lately I’ve been thinking about getting to be a real muscle guy and it looks almost impossible hahahah do you think if I eat more proeten and fats and get a little chubby this gorilla bow will be just fine to get into real stunning shape?

    1. Yes. Eat protein rich foods just be aware that you don’t have to get chubby to get a muscular body. As you eat protein rich foods and workout you can build more muscle on your frame.

  6. That was a very interesting and good looking vedio that you had there I had to watch it till the end as the first few minutes were captivating…..I must say during this time of self isolation one of the best things to do is to build up the body and with this home guy stuff I think I can achieve it.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing all this products especially because we are in a very difficult time and we have to stay at home.
    Sport has to exist in our lives every day and that’s why I really appreciate you promoting this idea of not giving up doing it at home. My favorite portable gym is OYO Personal Gym – Full Body Portable Gym Equipment Set for Exercise at Home, Office or Trave. I really like that you can work the whole upper body and especially the arms that are my favorite. Hope to see many articles like this and wish you all the best!

  8. These are a couple of really good solutions to the current ‘stay at home’ crisis that we are in. At first I thought I was going to be seeing multi-gyms. As much as I wouldn’t mind having one, it’s not practical, as space is a premium in our house.

    What I do use is a ‘curling’ bar and one dumbell. They are both great for what I do everyday but they can be a bit of a pain for everyone else, as the only place I can use them, is in the lounge. If you forget they’re there, then there’s a good chance you’ll be stubbing your toes.

    Both of these are ideal candidates. They can be used and then put away, the OYO one, even more so. It’s so versatile and compact. That said, I am drawn to the Gorilla Bow, as that does look a tad more robust. I have done resistance training before and can attest to it’s benefits. Either one would make an excellent addition to my daily workout routine.

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