Nutrition | You gotta eat good to gain muscle

MET-Ex Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars

30th_bdayWhat you put in your body is what you get out.  To gain muscle you have to consume protein. There are a couple ways you can do this. You can eat three pretty sizable meals plus snacks every day or you can grab a protein bar on the go.

I personally love to eat a good steak but it gets expensive to eat everyday in a restaurant and like most people I don’t enjoy the clean up of cooking. I do enjoy cooking a nice rib eye on the BBQ though.

So, what can you eat on a daily basis that has great protein value? I’m glad you asked. My personal favorite are MET-Rx meal replacement protein bars.

They are pretty sizable, have 410 calories for each bar and most important;y contain 30 grams of protein for every bar.

I’ve tried practicing consuming  1 gram of protein for each pound I weighed. Now, My best weight I have ever been at was 210lbs. That is a lot to eat. At that rate I would have to eat 7 of these great protein bars a day!!!

There are protein powders you can have there are even protein drinks you can have as well. Bodybuilders are notorious for eating huge meals round the clock. I couldn’t stand all the prep and the meals were so damn huge. six times a day!!!

I had a life and I didn’t want to spend it eating all day, every day. I never took steroids or nutritional supplements or anything like that. What I did eat was these MET-Rx protein bars.

My day went something like this. I would have a protein bar for breakfast then go to work. For lunch I had a second protein bar and then finish my day of work. Then I would have a snack of another protein bar. Then go to the gym for a couple hours. Came home and then made myself self dinner.

If you counted that was not nearly enough protein that I consumed. I had about half the protein that I really needed to be a competitive bodybuilder. So, I did not persue that anymore, but I did notice that my body was getting tighter and I was getting bigger in places I liked and smaller in places I did want to get smaller.

Having a easy to eat source of protein was my key to getting my body tuned up. I was very active. I worked out 4-5 times a week, ran for 3 miles every other day. And on the weekends I went on mountain biking treks with my good friend. We went on 20-30 mile rides through bike trails in the mountains, lakes and roads. And on occasion we hit the clubs in downtown San Francisco.

I stand with MET-Rx. They have done me good. They do have a line of nutritional products like powdered shake mixes and canned and bottled drinks that are also meal replacements, but my personal favorite has always been and will always be their protein bars.

Life was good…Then I got married…But that’s another story for another time…LOL.

Remember this. You gotta eat good to gain muscle.

You can always do it the old fashion way of 2 steamed chicken breasts (no skin) or a can of tuna or 2 steamed fish fillets (no skin), boiled pasta or a 1/2 cup of rice. No red meat or sugars, so no fruit. Cook enough for a week and pre-package in Tupperware containers. Let’s see, that’s at least 4 meals a day for 7 days…I got it! You need 28 Tupperware containers to package all your food for  week.

Or you can buy a few boxes of MET-Rx bars and shakes and open a bar or shake packet for a meal replacement. I do recommend a regular meal at least once a day though.

Pro Protein Bars

This is another one I like to have. First, it’s much more convenient to carry around. It’s size is much smaller than the MET-Rx bar Colossal bar at under half the size. For being so small this bar packs a pretty good wallop at 20grams of protein. and has half the calories of the MET-Rx bar.

The flavors of both I think are outstanding. I mean they both taste like a candy bar but have the good stuff to make you big and strong, and the Pro Protein has only 2 grams of sugar. I do have a penchant for the MET-Rx bar only because I have been using it for so long, but I also like the Pro Protein because its so easy to carry on my person.

The best way to judge a protein bar is to read the label. It’s been years since I last read the labels on these two bars but they passed my test years ago. But if you are new to bars look at the protein, sugar and carb levels and vitamins and mineral content. You can look at the calorie counts but any calories you ingest should be burned up in any good workout.

So, eat my friends! Eat!





6 thoughts on “Nutrition | You gotta eat good to gain muscle

  1. Hey Courtney, these Met-EX protein bars sounds super tempting. From what you said it looks like they know what they’re doing because of the protein content (30g) – this is usually how much protein your body can use at the time and whatever’s over that it just goes to waste and is heavy on the body to digest.

    Do you know where I could find the exact ingredients they use in the bar? I’m really keen on trying it, but I’m a nitty-gritty when it comes to ingredients.

    Thank you for you post!



  2. Thank you very much for such an amazing Post.High-protein foods are very important for gaining muscles, food like Eggs,they  contain high-quality protein, fats and other important nutrients like vitamin B, choline and salmon is also a reat choice for muscle building  and also chicken breasts, Greek yogurt, are also very rich in proteins. But MET-Rx is also an amazing option for muscle building. 

  3. Hi, well this is definitely what I’ve been looking for. I’m not too huge on hitting the gym or running but I know eating without exercising isn’t too healthy. I’ve been looking for something to eat on a daily that will both satisfy hunger and provide the essentials for my body.

    Thank you so much for this insight. I look forward to what happened after you got married…lol

    I wish you all the best

  4. The MET-Rx meal replacement protein bars sound pretty good. Like you said they can get pretty expensive trying to eat it every day. Plus all the gadgets have to pull out such as the barbecue, marinating it, just too much work.
    Being a personal trainer in my previous career, protein bars were a part of my life. There were times where I had to replace two meals with protein bars, but the calories were a little bit on the low end.

    But the MET-Rx meal replacement protein bars has 410 Cal, that’s like a whole meal right t right there. Having to search out and finding something which is can be time-consuming, thanks to your post I have a little bit more knowledge on what my next protein bars are going to be.

  5. Hi Mercado,

    This post has really driven me crazy because of the information filled in its content. I thank you and keep providing solutions to online internet users.

    I have seen a lot of people eating like nothing but never gain weight and muscles just because they lack the amount off knowledge needed to get started.

    I have tried most of the mentioned products in your article and I have found them more than useful.

    And lastly, thank you for these recommendations!

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