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This is great. A partnership between a well known audio company teams up with an equally well known sport company. I will create a new category called workout audio. This gear is built and meant to go to the gym or be used outside on bike rides, runs, crew rowing and any other types of outdoor and indoor activities that require a rugged headphone  or earphone. So sit back and relax and read my little review on the JBL/Under Armour Train headphones and the JBL/Under Armour Flash in-ear headphones…Bon appetit. Or just enjoy.

JBL / Under Armour Sport Wireless Train

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The JBL/UA Sport Wireless Train is a lightweight durable on-ear headphone perfect for working out. Some people don’t like the feeling of on-the-ear headphones but once you hear the music and start your workout you wont notice the placement on your ear. For some it might be an issue though, so use your best judgement.

These use a compression fit headband for a tight fit on your head to prevent any kind of slippage while working out.  The Train also uses a cloth based UA SuperVent ear cushions to keep your ears cool and dry and further helps grip your head to prevent slippage. Most headphones will use a leather or leatherette material that when moisture gets between your head and headphones slippage can start to happen as well as building uncomfortable heat .

The ear-cushions are  removable and hand washable and replaceable ear cushions are available to purchase. Comes with Bluetooth, Talk Thru and Ambient Aware technologies, which dims your music and built-in mics amplify speech so you can carry a conversation in the gym. The Ambient Aware feature increases ambient sounds giving runners and cyclists the ability to hear their surroundings as they workout.

A claimed 16 hour battery life of 16 hours with a speed charge of 10 minutes for 1hr. of playtime using a mini-usb charger. Other features include oversized controls, JBL charged sound, Bluetooth 4.1  and a ventilated semi-hard carrying case to help dry your headphones after a brutal workout. Which in theory should work. If your headphones don’t dry fast enough for you, you may just want to open the case completely.

The Train sounds great if you are a basshead, which I am. So, these sound great if you listen to rock, hip-hop, pop and EDM. These are not made for classical, jazz or acoustical music. So, audiophiles need not to buy these as these are not made for you. But if you want to listen to your favorite pump it up tunes in the gym or the bike trails for motivation, then these are for you.

JBL is best known for their low frequency sounds and these have certainly not disappointed here. The lows are anchored solidly and need no apologies. The mids are clear and vocals are nice and bright sounding as well. For the gym these are outstanding having non-slip fabrics and materials certainly ups the value of these headphones for me…Which leads me to say that these JBL/UA Wireless Train headphones are bombastic!!!

JBL / Under Armour FLASH

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The JBL/UA Wireless Flash earphones have an impressive IPX7 rating. Meaning that these are waterproof which means theoretically these should be able to be submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes and com out unscathed. I would not recommend doing that but just be aware that that these can withstand rain and sweat.

These offer a very secure fit for the gym, running or cycling. Talk Thru feature, which dims your music and built in mics amplify speech so you can carry a conversation in the gym or elsewhere. And the Ambient Aware feature which increases ambient sounds giving runners and cyclists and other physical enthusiasts the ability to hear their surroundings as they workout.

The Flash has a nice and attractive aluminum charging case for a total of a claimed 25 hours. 5 on the earbuds and 20 hours on the charging case. Three sport wings in S,M and L give these a perfect tight and comfortable fit in your ear. Bluetooth 5.0 would have been nice to have because of its great data transfer but 4.2 is fine for good signal strength.

There is no smart app for the Train or Flash.  So to customize your sound profile you’ll have to download an EQ app. Another con for the Flash is that the earbuds can’t reverse tracks or control the volume so you are basically chained to your smartphone to use those functions. But your smartphone should always be nearby but this is a consideration you’ll have to make. And, it would have been nice if these had voice prompts instead of just tones. And finally don’t buy these if your primary goal is to watch videos or movies with these. The audio video sync is a little lagging but presentable. Just be aware that these are specifically made to listen to music during a workout. The JBL/UA Flash are known as rugged nuggets of workout sound.

The sounds from these are really good. JBL’s signature deep bass tones are there, clear and tight mid-range notes are present and clear sparkling trebles complete a trifecta of a blend of notes to please the ear. Some may complain that the volume does not go high enough, but for most people these will perform admirably. If you want volume check out Beats by Dr. Dre here.


Listening to music is subjective. The sound that emanates from any of these headphones, earbuds, speakers and the like, will be different for each individual. So please be aware, what may sound good to me doesn’t mean it will sound good to you. Please read or watch reviews on any product that I showcase. Or listen to a friends’. Or, go to a retail store and try it out there. A little knowledge can go a long way…then you can buy from me. (Wink, wink)

8 thoughts on “JBL & Under Armour Wireless | Tech Marries Sport

  1. Thanks for the comprehensive review! I am looking for new headphones for the gym and I think I might try the Flash!

  2. Now I can be fully kitted in UA when I workout. Always been a fan of their clothing range, and this completes it! I definitely prefer the Train over the Flash – I’ve never been a fan of earbud type earphones – easier to lose too!

  3. I am always on the lookout for headphones or earplugs. I have music and sound equipment as one of my favourite hobbies and reads a lot of reviews about the stuff. I also do a lot of training, which inlcudes both cardio and strength training. As such I have tried a lot of earplugs and headphones to get the most out of my favourite music while training. Still, I haven´t found the perfect ones. Either the comfort of the equipment is not good and regarding earplugs, the lower frequencies disappear, no bass… Last year I managed to lose my Jaybirds x3, which came close to perfect for me.

    Bothe the products in your review are interesting, both JBL/UA Sport Wireless Train and JBL/UA Wireless Flash seems like a good choice. The specifications of both are good and for the intended purpose, training, they seem to be perfect. The adjustable headband of the JBL/UA Sport Wireless Train is a very good feature. 

    I will have to try both of them.

  4. I’ve been looking for a good pair of speaker and i was told the best place is to look online so here I am and much happier at the quality I’m looking at. 

    The small white cordless, Bluetooth headphones that everyone used to rave about just didn’t appeal to me so I’m glad i could find under armour flash plug ins. These could also be a really good gift to someone or maybe a Christmas present to myself in the near future. 16 hours of battery life is absolutely amazing so i can go to work have them in the whole day and have to worry about then and with a recharge time of two hours will also be really help full.

    Thanks for such a great review ill be sure to advise it to others!

  5. Awesome… I love listening to music while I do my exercises but regular headphones are so uncomfortable when you are running or doing your push-ups. This item really sounds revolutionary and I am definitely buying one. After reading this review, I think this is the right model for me. Plus, I have used JBL in the past and my experiences are all positive. 

  6. Prior to buying JBL/UA Sport Wireless Train, I tried a Chinese-made counterpart and was very disappointed. In sporty activities, you can’t avoid to pull off the wire sometimes, with your movement sideways, so you really can’t avoid the wires being forced sideways. In Chinese brands that are priced lower than JBL, they are not durable and break off easily. The longest time they will serve you is one week and they will break down. You guys better go for quality and speaking of quality, nothing beats JBL brand.

    1. You are correct. I too have bought cheap Chinese knock off and have been severely disappointed. I always stick to name brands I recognize when I purchase.

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