How to use bodyweight equipment effectively

Hello everyone. I have been asked to explain the different workouts one can do regarding the bodyweight equipment that I have recommended. You can see the equipment on this page. Bodyweight Workout Equipment Here you will find many ways on how to use this equipment. Some exercises use moderate strength, others can be considered tough and will take strength and stamina to fully do. But you do this at home so there is no embarrassment factor to deal with. And this is how you gain strength, so please don’t say, “It’s too hard. I can’t do it.” You can start off with partial reps and work your way up. This is how I started, with a home gym and a desire to get stronger and bigger. In the below picture this is about the biggest I ever got.  A 52″ chest, 32″ waist and 19 1/2″ arms, (I couldn’t quite get to 20″) arms and I weighed in at 220lbs.  and was 5’7″inches tall. And yeah, I know, I was vertically challenged so don’t rub it in…okay? I had to have all my suits custom made and tailored. It was expensive but man I looked good. This was also about the time I bench pressed 405lbs. 3 times. This all started in my home gym with a pair of pushup bars. (By the way, I’m the brown guy on the left, just in case you didn’t figure it out.) So, shall we begin with the bodyweight equipment?

Different ways on how to use push up bars.

Now I have been using these for years but when I saw this video I had no idea that there were so many different exercises you can do with these. They proved to be much more versatile than I ever thought. I mean reverse, archer, resistance and pike pushups are all new to me. I was your basic pushup guy. I managed to do sets of 100 in 60 second bursts on these and did the wide, medium and narrow grip pushups. I knew of handstands and the L-sit stance, but chose not to do those. But I had no idea just how versatile these really are. Watch the short video and see what I mean.

How to use Pull Up/Push up bars

You can key in on your back, chest, biceps, triceps, abs and shoulders with this piece of equipment. Doing pull ups and push ups on this apparatus will work your whole upper body. The embedded 4 minute video will show you everything you can do with this piece of equipment. And I’m sure you can get creative with your workouts, like like lifting your legs to one side for an extra burning ab workout. Or add extra weight to your lift by using this dip belt as shown below. This piece of equipment is made for chest dips and pull ups. Just don’t go above the 300lb. weight limit of the bar I have showcased, The Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar.

Harbimger Dip Belt

The EVIL ab roller…

I have just bought these and these are hard. Like EVIL hard. Since I am new to these I had to watch a video on how to use these things properly. When I saw him do a full extension, I said uh oh! But then he mentioned that you can work up to a full extension. After he said that I started to unwrap the return package I was making. I can honestly say that my extensions, even though they are not nearly full extension like he showed, I am making progress. In fact, I did a bunch last night and my abs are very sore so I know that I am doing them right. These are very reasonably priced. I gave it a try and so should you. Check it out on my page, here.


Dip/Pull-up station

I used to beat the hell out of this apparatus in my gym. I would strap on a dip belt and strap on a 45lb. plate in between my legs and do sets of 25 reps on the dip machine until failure. I did this at the end of my workouts so I was already struggling. But do them I did. The apparatus didn’t have a pull up attachment so I just did my back workouts on equipment on a different day. Don’t forget that you can use a dip belt on this apparatus too. I loved dips. It was part of my workout that gave me my huge chest and wide shoulders.


So there you have it. My introduction to using bodyweight equipment. The ab roller is something new to me but the rest are like a comfy old hat. I’ve learned some new techniques of how to use my equipment and will add some to my repertoire of my workout skills. Remember, if you want to see the equipment I showcased look at my page: Bodyweight Workout Equipment.

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6 thoughts on “How to use bodyweight equipment effectively

  1. oh! The beauty of exercising with your own weight. I love this, I think it’s the best way to do it, mainly for two reasons. It can “carry” your body everywhere (well, you should: D) and also the movement I always feel more natural.

    I agree that movements are not restricted by exercise machines.

    I liked the examples you have given here. Likewise, the exercise that is most difficult for me when “I only take my leather” to a hotel, for example, is the back exercise. I use an elastic band that helps me to be able to pull a little.

    Very good contribution, thanks for the article

  2. I must say I’m not pro at using the exercise equipment, after reading your post I have learnt a great deal of information. The name of the exercise equipment and most importantly how safely to use them. I personally would like to buy the push up bar as it’s designed to be used for all levels.

    Thank you for this highly informative post about the body weight equipement.

    1. Hi Habib,

      The push up bars are my favorite piece of equipment to use. And you are right, you don’t need to have experience using this equipment. You just need a desire to use your muscles, get stronger and more fit. Just watch a YouTube video on how to use your equipment then go for it.



  3. I’ve had some push-up bars for a couple of years now. I had no idea that you could use them in so many ways. Tonight, I will be adding a few new exercises to my routine.
    My Pull-up bar is a single bar, screwed in between the door frame, so, unfortunately, is not as versatile as the model you are showing here. But it good enough.
    I do my pull-ups like a bicep curl and always try to get to 50. The first set maybe 18 reps, then 13, then 11, and then whatever else can struggle to do. But, I’ve had to stop doing pull-up for the last couple of weeks as I getting discomfort in the inside of my elbows. Do you have any idea why this may be happening and any suggestions on how I can continue exercising without the pain?

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Now to be sure, I am not a medical professional. But it sounds like to me that you have a tendon issue. I had it once. It was called tendonitis. To relieve my pain I grabbed a 15lb. dumbbell or a gallon milk jug filled with water and I twisted my hand slowly and as far as I can go both ways for 3 sets of 10 – 15 reps. I did my workout after and afterwards I applied heat and ice treatments. Now this worked for me, but may not work for you as I am not a medical professional. I would be inclined to tell you to visit a physician first.

      Good luck,


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