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Compression Wraps

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Using wraps is an important thing to consider when working out with moderate to heavy weights in the gym or a home gym. Here are some reasons to wear a wrap during a workout.

  1. Reduces muscle fatigue
  2. Reducing strains
  3. Lower muscle soreness
  4. Better blood circulation
  5. Mental comfort

The most important thing that is not on this list is the support that knee wraps give you. The stability it provides you is priceless in those heavy lifts that you may do. Not many do them and I know why, but that is for another day. Wraps keep your joints as stable as they can be. They keep your knee in one place. I mean God forbid if you want to go up and your knee quits on you…well, you might be in a world of hurt. Very few lifts use all of the muscle groups that a squat requires. My fraternity brother squatted 1000lbs. in sanctioned competitions. Now he was an elite powerlifter.

For major weight lifts I recommend that you unwrap your knees between lifts to give your knees time to recover since when you do a major lift you wrap your knees real tight. So tight in fact that you might restrict the blood flow to your joint giving it no time to recover. If you do major weight squats I would recommend wraps like these. (Click here) These are generally thicker, longer and more robust thus more stable for you if you are a heavy powerlifter…Good luck to all you powerlifters out there.

Under Armour Compression Tops


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I dig Superman!!!

Women’s Tanks

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Compression shirts can stabilize and and provide support to your body. The compression that these shirts use provide pressure to your muscles and carry some of the strain while exercising. This pressure also supports the recovery process and helps your blood circulation as you exercise.

Although compression clothing is tight it is made to promote air circulation keeping the user cool and dry during intense workouts. Wearing compression gear also reduces muscle soreness and fatigue research has shown. So, in short you will be able to perform better for a longer duration.

Compression gear will also enhance recovery by putting pressure on your body parts as you workout. They also provide you with great comfort, you stay drier and  they make you look good too.

There are 100’s of types and dozens manufacturers of compression t-shirts selling 1000’s of different designs. I’m sure that you ca find one that suits you.

Just an FYI. Getting a compression t-shirt on is easy enough. But getting one of is much more difficult. The first time I tried to take one off I thought I might have to take a pair of scissors to it or worse get a knife and cut my self free. Fortunately I found a video on how to take one off. And here it is, in case you buy one for the very first time. By the way, this video is for the turtleneck long sleeve version of an Under Armour shirt but I assure you this process  works for all compression shirts.

One last thing. My collection consists primarily of Under Armour compression t-shirts and sleeveless shirts. Gotta show off those guns, YO!

Copper Fit Compression Socks

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Compression and socks are two words that go together like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – “Beniffer” or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – “Brangelina”. Peanut butter and jelly??? That was in the past. Now there are “compression socks”…

You like that intro? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well anyway compression socks is the new way to prevent injury, boost performance and enhance blood circulation in your legs. They work by fitting tight around your lower legs and squeezing the blood in your veins back to the heart. Thus improving blood circulation.

Used for years for people who have varicose veins and to prevent deep vein thrombosis, which is the creation of blood clots. The use of compression socks improve blood flow but also reduce swelling and pain especially after a grueling run, bike ride or a long hike. Even people who sit all day at a job or even stand for long periods of time will benefit from a pair of compression socks. The only issue I have with compression socks is getting them on and getting them on. They are pretty tight. Otherwise these help make my lower legs feel better.

Compression pants for men

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Compression leggings for women

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Like I have mentioned before, compression garments have been used for years to increase blood flow to the heart reduce swelling and alleviate pain plus putting pressure on your limbs to prevent fluids from collecting in the tissue.

If you are built well the form fitting garments can make you feel more confident in climbing that hill or lifting that weight even though that is not a main reason to wear compression clothing at all. If this gear can make you feel better by increasing your blood flow or reducing pain and swelling why not give it a try.

These garments I have shown you come in many different styles, colors and variations and from what I have seen wont break your pocketbook. Give one a try. You might like it and buy more as you please at a later date.

If you have gotten this far I congratulate you and thank you for reading.


8 thoughts on “Compression Gear | Thank you for your support

  1. I read your post and had horrid memories of the compression stockings I had to wear when I had a vein op on my legs. They were very uncomfortable and cut into your legs whenever I sat down.

    The compression tights and socks featured here don’t look as bad and may even be more comfortable, and as I am a dance teacher and on my feet all day I think I am going to try a pair as I am sure that they will help with leg fatigue.

  2. Hi Courtney, I dig Superman as well ! Nice article, I never knew about the compression shirts, always thought the compression socks where for when you did long flights. Thank’s very interesting and learn’t a bit. Regards Barry

  3. Hi Courtney,
    Fantastic! Compression wraps and various sports attires are a saviour for sportmen and sportwomen. Especially those who work out a lot. I had not seen anything like this.

    Way back when i was engaging in physical activities like jogging, biking, basketball etc. In the 80s, a simple t/shirt, short and track shoes are what i need to exercise. And perhaps some protective gears like hand, wrist, elbow and knee guard. That is about it.

    Well, sports activities had changed a lot over the years. They are more newer sporting activities too. Injuries and muscle pain are common. Safety come first in any sporting activity How i wish to have something like this back then. Especially the compression pant for men. Comfort and good health are important too.

    David Koh

  4. Hi Courtney,

    I have learnt something new today that I wish I knew in previous years and saved me a knee injury. I am no avid power lifter, but I do like to exercise and maintain a certain level of fitness, so thank you for providing value!

  5. Hi
    Thanks for this. I must admit I had associated compression clothing with poor health rather than with exercise and good health. I had to wear a compression sock on my right foot after I had knee replacement surgery and until I got the clever device it was agony trying to get the thing on. Especially as I have very reduced motion in my knee joint so reaching down was at the extremity of achievable movement. Even now a couple of years later I am walking fine and cycling as much as I can but for years I wouldn’t have the range of motion in the knees to perform anything that even vaguely resembled a squat. Shame I know. Thanks anyway. You have challenged by previously held notions. Best regards, Andy

  6. Hello there thanks for the review. Some individuals choose to exercise in compression stockings, reporting that they improve performance. For varicose vein sufferers, the Society for Vascular Nursing recommends wearing compression stockings while exercising as this helps move the increased blood in the legs back to the heart. Compression gear really helps for better work put experience.

    1. My mom is a retired nurse and she used them while working too. They helped her. I have a few pair but they are such a pain to put on and take off so I give myself extra time to get them on.

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