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As anyone knows, you must have balance, my padawan, to achieve a well balanced body and mind. Even the biggest bodybuilders must spend copious amounts of time on cardiovascular machines to achieve their ripped and veiny muscley look. To get that look you have to spend time doing cardio. You have to burn fat. You can run, bike, use a stair stepper. In my past I used all three modes to shape my body….But then I got married…and that’s a story for another time.

If you are a sculptor, which you are in fact. Your body is like a block of marble. You want to carve out your body out of that marble block. First you cut away the chunks you don’t need or want until you get that basic shape you want…No! Don’t cut that part off. You need that part to see, listen, smell and think…Okay, were back, you want to do the fine detail work like with a hammer and chisel. Now be careful. You cant add material to places where there was nothing to add…ahem…But that might be my personal issue…

Anyways, That hammer and chisel can be called cardiovascular exercise. It can be running, biking, rowing, stair stepping even walking at a brisk pace. There are many things that can qualify as cardio. The important thing is that you work to get your heart rate up by moving your body for a period of at least half an hour. Now I’ve done runs for an hour or two and mountain biked for 8 hours with a lunch break in between. When I did this on a consistent basis along with my weightlifting regime I got pretty big and cut.

Cardiovascular exercise and diet is the way to get that final shape of a bodybuilder. Now I have toyed around with the thought of posing for a bodybuilding show, but I couldn’t take the wearing of bikini bottoms in front of a large group of strangers and doing a chest pose…

Which I did once in a club that was giving away tickets to a concert and my friends pushed me out to the middle of the stage. So I took my shirt off and was declared the winner instantly.

I got the tickets from a guy named Richard Blade. He was the DJ that night, and if you know who he is I just dated myself…Oh man…that was a hell of a night. I think I got so drunk that I challenged all the security guys to a fight. There was 17 against me and my friends wisely talked me down….

By the way. Drinking is not a good way to get cut and ripped. If there is one thing I learned, being a security guard was fun as I was security at a club for three years in college!!!

This was my lifestyle. I did this for years. But now I’m in my mid-fifties and things have slowed down a bit. But I try and live an active lifestyle to this day.

Anyways, on to the cardio equipment.

Bowflex Max Trainer M8

(Click image to view details)

This is a pretty pricey unit but less expensive than the actual gym equipment like a dedicated treadmill or a dedicated elliptical or stair stepper machines.

And I if I must say. This has a kick ass display on it.

It’s small footprint and versatility make  the Bowflex Max Trainer M8 a natural in any home gym. It’s just a fraction of a the size of a treadmill, elliptical and stair stepper machines.

By combining a low impact and full body workout, the Max 8 combines the calorie-burning power of a stepping machine along with the  motion of an elliptical with to help you to burn major calories in your workouts.

Use the Bowflex JRNY app to enhance your workouts. It comes free or in a subscription based model. Use with your tablet, as it gauges your capabilities and helps design a custom workout just for you. It helps you reach your goals to completion.

Don’t get me wrong. There are models that are less expensive and that do not have the same bells and whistles as this one has. You are most welcome to comparison shop. That’s true for all the equipment I have showcased.


Schwinn Recumbent Bike 270

(Click here to view details)

This piece of equipment is close to what you might use in the gym. Except this has much more. The Schwinn Recumbent 270 has Bluetooth connectivity with your Apple iPad and Kindle. It also syncs with the Schwinn Trainer App which connects you to your workout stats, personal coaches, cycling tracks all over the world among other things.

The Schwinn Trainer App also tracks your fitness journey and tracks your fitness goals and allows you to see your progress for each week.

The 270 also has 25 resistance levels to give you a wide range of intensity levels with 29 different programs to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this bike should be able to give you all you can handle, baby!

Simply plug in into any standard electrical wall outlet and away you go…I still recommend that you read the entire owners manual to get to know everything about this bike, but hey! I understand…(wink, wink.)

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill 7.5s

(Click on image to view details)

The NordicTrack T Series Treadmill a solid pick for the home gym. A good looking rugged full size treadmill with the ability to fold up in to a smaller footprint for your home.

Comes with a personal trainer app for 1 year that can be renewed after your year is up. Your personal trainer app takes you anywhere in any kind of terrain you want.

You want to run on the beach? The screen will show you a beach that you can rum on. You want to run on a trail? The app will keep up with you as well.

It will follow the terrain that you choose in locales all over the world. Run up or downhill. The melding of a trainer with your treadmill will take your activity to a whole new level.

To use the personal trainer app a Bluetooth/WiFi connection is required.


I have chosen these three cardio machines to showcase because I believe that these are at or near gym quality. There are much cheaper cardio equipment available out these but I wanted to choose items with a reputation and have a customer support department to answer any questions or issues you may have. I you have gotten this far, thank you for reading…If not…PFFFtTT to you…Hahahaha…Just kidding…Not kidding.

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  1. Some great equipment that you have shown us here, but you really need to be motivated to work out from home. Luckily with all the computerized technology, it is easier to workout at home as you can challenge yourself to different levels as well as listen to music or watch videos as you go. Do you have any other tips to motivate one to workout alone? I see there is an app subscription that will also help.

    I especially like the Schwinn Recumbent Bike, as with this piece of equipment, you have a lifetime of use. Not only is the Schwinn brand great, but a recumbent allows even people who have back and need problems to exercise safely.

  2. Thank you for this article,

    You have selected some really good products which is lovely to see. It is so true that no matter what type of fitness you participate in that you workout from a cardiovascular point of view not just for the ripped shape as you mention but also to keep your heart healthy. You have written this article with great knowledge especially for the BodyBuilder community.

    Great article

  3. I know exactly what you meant when you said “…then I got married.”

    For me, that was definitely a turning point in my overall physical condition. However, it’s not really a reason, so much as an excuse for me to be lazy.

    Specialized cardio equipment is very expensive, and cardio itself has never really been my style. I always tried to work cardio into my routine through weights and circuit training.

    Now that I have kids though, it would be nice to just hop on something stationary that requires less focus. 

  4. Hey nice article you have there. The effective use of the Max trainer will yield a positive results. For example using it three times a week for 14 minutes isn’t enough! The BowFlex MAX Trainer can give you some impressive results, but not miraculous results. Rather if you use it for fourteen minutes, three times a week you’ll see results

  5. Hello there! A captivating post you have there.

    I love the way you played with words and you were able to tell more than one story in a story, it is amazing! Got me reading to the end!

    I also learnt what cardio excercises are and how much we need it.

    Well the equipments you have listed there are all great and it will be good for one to have one of these at home to keep fit and live healthy.

  6. Your site looks great, it’s really informative and easy to read. The layout is striking but easy to navigate and grabs the attention of the reader. I think this is a great article – it’s really useful information. Your writing style is great and works well for speaking directly to the reader. Very well done – keep up the hard work.

  7. Thank you so much for these equipment’s. I’ve been working from home for the last few months and the gyms have been closed. I need to get my daily exercise in but I can’t make it to the gym so I’ve been looking at some cardio machines to buy. These ones look brilliant and my favorite is probably the Schwinn Recumbent Bike 270 because I like cycling. Thanks a lot man

  8. Very nice, entertaining and informative review. I really liked the way you described the importance cardiovascular exercises.
    You have included only 3 equipment but all three of them are included very thoughtfully for an effective workout with a reasonable price tag.
    I especially liked the treadmill with a 7″ screen and on-demand studio workouts. I like running but doing it for long duration is very monotonous but features of this product makes the process more engaging. 


  9. Hello there, I have been really into exercising for a long time now and it been really fascinating to have the required equipment to work out with at home and I feel good. Although I have had some really bad hand with some products, but I am willing to get a good treadmill first that can connect to my phone and monitor my heart rate. Where can I get auch?

  10. This is an amazing article. Cardiovascular fitness equipment and diet is the best way to build the body. I usually make use of Bowflex Max Trainer M8 and it is quite okay to me. I enjoy using the stair stepper machine for my morning workout. But the Nordic track T Series Treadmill 7.5 seems better. I will give it a try someday.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  11. Heloooo dear, thanks for sharing these concise article with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your website, I saw some reviews on Cardiovascular Fitness Equipment but I wasn’t sure if I should purchase them, but after reading your post, I believe now that my doubt has been cleared, thanks for the info, I will surely do some recommendations

  12. Hello Courtney! This is an amazing review you’ve got here and also I must commend your writing skills and site design, it’s beautiful. I saw the advert of “Bowflex Max Trainer M8” in the gym store where I attend and loved it but no way on how to purchase it as I forgot the name before I got home.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  13. Hi thanks for the cardiovascular fitness equipment,

    having greater cardiovascular fitness  means one can confidently complete activities that have a cardiovascular demand, such as climbing stairs, hiking, biking, swimming, and even strength training. Being able to move through your day without feeling winded can make a huge difference in ones confidence and quality of life 

  14. Thank you for the amazing post on “Cardiovascular Fitness Equipment.” It is amazing and very understanding how you illustrated Body workout with sculpturing. With the present threat posed by the Pandemic an equipement such as the Schwinn Recumbent Bike 270 is an idea workout instrument at home as it seems to be able to affect almost every aspect of the body. 

  15. Definitely some great kit here! Thanks for sharing.

    Admittedly, I’m in a phase right now where I’m just trying to grow, so most of my exercise is resistance training. But a few long walks throughout the weeks keeps things nice. When I reach a stage where I want to incorporate more cardio back into my training, I know already I’ll want to go for swimming and either a cross trainer or treadmill (though I’d probably run outside anyway lol).

    What I like about these is that you can incorporate apps into them to track progress and workouts, and the treadmill’s screen feature where it will take you to certain sceneries is awesome for days when the weather’s a bit too harsh.

    Very entertaining read, by the way! 😀 Keep it up.

  16. Thank you for this article and your review on this wonderful products. Since the lockdown started i have not really had the opportunity to viisit the gym so i have been working out from home but not with these cardio machines as i do not have any i just do ssome regular routines. I have actually been looking at getting one of these machines and i think i will go for the Bowflex Max Trainer M8.

  17. I remember I was actively jogging in a nearby beach here, for 3 consecutive weeks daily. After I noticed there is hardly enough changes in me particularly my belly fat, I quit. Today, as I was reading your article here, I realized there were probably some benefits I got from that 3-week jog which is cardiovascular fitness or strengthening my heart. And since I can no longer jog in that beach for COVID-19 quarantine rules imposed by our government, I think I will shift to using equipment so I can do all those activities without leaving home. Thanks for sharing your story and these sets of equipment. I’m currently evaluating this NordicTrack T Series Treadmill which can be used as an alternative to actually jogging on the beach.

    1. Remember that the more cardio you do, in time it will increase your metabolism. For example. As you get your insides (your heart) in better shape you will be able to burn calories longer. After you do 30 minutes of cardio your body will continue to burn calories for hours more at an elevated level. Just give it time and eat healthier and in time your body will change. And include some resistance exercises to boost your muscles. Like push-ups. I built my chest and shoulders up in one summer back in high school when my coach and classmates said “Holy s _ _ t! are you doing steroids?” I started doing 100 push-ups a night-total. I eventually was able to do 100 push-ups in 60 seconds. But that took me longer than one summer to achieve that. Soldiers in college used to bet that hey could do more push-ups than I can, but I always put a timer limit at 60 seconds. I always won the bet but I didn’t take their money. I just asked them for a beer and they always obliged. Great times.

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