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Are you new to the world of working out or are you a veteran to the game. Either way, you always have access to the best gym in the universe.  Your body. Your bodyweight is an excellent source of resistance to keep you fit and can build up your body as well. I will key in on the upper body since the lower body can be pretty well taken cared of by squats and calf raises using basic body movements that can be done anywhere. You can also easily increase resistance by carrying things like bags of garden supplements, a dog and even a baby, but be careful not to drop a baby. So, shall I begin?

Push-up Bars

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These Juperbsky Push-Up Bars remind me of my first pair of push-up bars I had so long ago, 40 years ago in fact. When I first started with my push up bars, I could barely do 10 reps. I then worked my way up to 10 reps in 10 sets. I eventually made it to 100 reps in one set, then I id as many as I could in my next two sets. Through using these I did clapping sets of push ups as many as I could do. My record was 60. Then I went up to double claps between my push ups. I did well on those as well. But then I tried triple claps between push ups. I think I did three and on the next one I didn’t get enough lift and when I came down during my clap my hands were together in a clap and my whole body came crashing down on my hands almost breaking my wrists. That’s when I thought that doing double claps between push ups would be my limit.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, These are wide, flat, low and made of steel and I love that. There is not one ounce of plastic in the construction of these push up bars thus, presenting no danger of collapse to the user giving a total confidence feel. They also have truly non-slip ends on them. The best thing about these is there absolutely no bad reviews on these. These push-up bars have a solid 5-Star rating of 90% and 7% for 4-star reviews, 3 % on 3-star reviews and no 1 or 2-star reviews. That is a very solid track record.

The Juperbsky reminds me of my first set of push-up bars, as I have said before. They are steel with rubber hand cushions and rubber caps on the feet. They were flat and low, not high like today’s plastic models are. And I mean high and narrow making me feel uneasy in tipping me forward and breaking my wrist and I have two pairs of them unused in my closet if anyone wants them. As soon as they were delivered and I opened them I knew I would hate them, but I used them just to make sure. I was right as I felt myself tipping forward on them. I tried them several more times but to no avail. They till made me feel uneasy so, I still hated them.

That brings me to my next point. Don’t buy things just because the price is cheap. You do get what you pay for. Remember, if you want to use things you buy for years don’t be sold by price alone. You can buy a solid steel barbell or you can choose to buy a plastic one. Which one do you think you would want, assuming of course you want to weight train to get stronger and/or bigger. Okay, that might not be a good analogy since I have never seen a plastic barbell….but you get my meaning…Right?

Pull Up/Push Up Bar

Get stronger and build up your body with this multi-unction Pull up/push up bar. Use it on top of a door for pull ups or on a flat surface for push ups. Pull ups will work your back and bicep and ab muscles and push ups will work your chest, tricep and shoulder muscles. This bar will work just about every major muscle on your upper torso. This apparatus is the perfect tool to build strength and tone your muscles.

When hanging on a doorway you can so a standard pull up, a close grip pull up and hanging sit-ups. When you put it on a flat surface you can do push ups and sitting tricep dips  and even do assistive sit ups that help build and tone your entire upper torso.

A heavy duty steel doorway pull up bar can provide you safety and great support. It’s sturdy and durable structure make this apparatus durable and stable. The best thing is that this is easy to assemble making this apparatus a good choice to own and this certainly won’t break your bank account.

Ab Roller

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Chisel your mid section and carve out bigger and stronger six-pack abs. Now the secret to build and carve out better abs is consistency. If you are consistent in spending 15-20 minutes a day concentrating on your abs you will definitely notice the difference in your mid section.

This roller comes with a lifetime money back guarantee and comes with three bonus gifts. 1) An Ultimate Ab Workout e-book.($20.00 value) 2) A Six-Pack Ab Nutrition E-book.($20.00 value) 3) A comfortable knee pad for added knee comfort. ($10.00 value).

This is the perfect finishing touch too a chiseled body. This certainly wont break the bank in buying this ab-roller. And  as home gym equipment goes, this is one of the most durable pieces of equipment you can own. Made of strong PVC, non-slip rubber and stainless steel, this will last you years.

Dip/Pull Up Station

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For those with a little room in their house, covered backyard area or garage, this dip/pull up station is made just for you. Made out of a 14 gauge heavy steel frame with a sturdy well built base, and a scratch resistant finishing coat this will last you for years.

You can do pull ups (back and biceps), dips (chest, triceps and shoulders), push ups (chest, triceps and shoulders) and vertical knee raises (abs). Basically works the whole upper body. The tower also has an adjustable back cushion and adjustable pull up bar to fit the person using it.

A great piece of equipment to own if you have the space for it. This power tower can keep you healthy and fit for the rest of your life. In fact, every piece of equipment that I have shown on this page uses only your bodyweight as resistance. If you can do the exercises that use this equipment, In my opinion you an add years to your life…and I believe that.


16 thoughts on “Bodyweight Workout Equipment | Support Yourself

  1. The Ab roller. It’s an AB buster! This thing is vicious. But if you can do them good for you!
    I could never do those. For not a lot of money if you want to beef up your ABs this is your
    Thank you for the low down on these workout aids.

  2. Thank you so much for this great article, Courtney! I am currently in the process of rearranging my garage and backyard into an outside workout room, and I definitely want to invest in both the pull-up/push-up bar, as well as the ab roller. I love to workout and value staying in shape-I am definitely up for the challenge! Great read! God bless you!

  3. Pull up bar is a great piece of equipment to have. I have been doing my workouts with one and I can really feel all the upper body muscles after a good workout, but that how it’s supposed to be, no pain no gain. In the beginning, I did assisted pull-ups with the help of resistance bands, and now finally I can do it without those. 

  4. Great recommendations. I’m using Ab Roller and love it. And I’m thinking of getting Pull Up/Push Up Bar. Thank you for this great article and recommendations.

  5. I really enjoyed your post on bodyweight workout equipment, and I especially feel people can do less harm when starting to get into better condition by starting out with bodyweight workouts than jumping on exercise machines right away.

    What is your opinion


    1. Hi Jeff,
      It depends on the person. Some people have a hard time doing a push or even doing one pull up. Machines can start you below your bodyweight and you can gradually gain strength to get to the point of using your bodyweight.
      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it.


  6. These are all great at-home workout pieces that can complete any home gym to just providing the basics for beginners. As a trainer, these are great items and provide a lot of versatility to someone who wants to workout at home, especially these days. Great job overviewing the products and providing objective feedback!

  7. Hello and thanks for the great review on the equipment.  I recently purchased some hexagonal dumbbells that give me enough clearance to do pushups.  That way I can incorporate dumbbell rows and pushups together.  I’ve also considered getting a pull up / push up bar.  I have never tried one of those rollers.  It looks intense.  Would you recommend it as more of an intermediate or advanced workout level, and not for a beginner level?

    1. If you do dumbbell rows it works the same muscles as a pull up. As the pull up/push up bar is concerned even if you can do just one you can you can improve your numbers in time. I remember using my first set of push up bars for the first time. I could do less than ten push ups. I used those bars everyday for a summer and by the end of the summer I could do 3 complete sets of 100 push ups without the bars. I then would race myself and do 100 push ups in 60 secs. I would do these sets morning and night. I ended up doing 100 rep sets with double claps between reps. I put on 3 inches on my chest in that summer as a freshman in high school. So even if you can only do one just build it to 2, then 3 and so on…

  8. Hi and thanks for this post. I have been using a variety of equipment over the years and endorse all of the equipment shown. I find the ab roller very useful, although having muscles is an advantage prior to using this. I have been doing calisthenics for a while and I use small pieces of equipment to aid this.
    I like the pull up/dip standing equipment, tha’ts a great bit of kit.

    1. Dave,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I do think that using bodyweight as an effective way to exercise is overlooked. I myself usually work out at a gym but since the virus I have had to re-think the way I workout. My first bit of equipment were push-up bars. I learned to love them, so it was one of the first bit of equipment I just bought when the virus hit. Thank you for comment.


  9. Hi,
    this is a beautifully written article on workout equipment which is really great and helpful to people working out at home.

    The way you have explained every benefit of this equipment is indeed great. And the best thing is this equipment is the perfect tool to tone up muscles, for building strength, and can be easily assembled.

    I think you would have a lot of people visiting your website and gaining from your experience and knowledge about the topic.



    1. Thank you Aparna,

      I am building my audience slowly but surely. Building a home gym doesn’t have to be expensive. A few pieces of exercise equipment can go a long way. Thank you for reading and commenting on my post.


  10. Bodyweight workout equipment is reasonably prices and easy for all of us to use, I like how all the bodyweight equipment you recommended in your article is very easy to find in our local stores. I was wondering could you possibly write an article on how to get started using bodyweight equipment, I am sure many of your readers are not sure what the best way would be to begin


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