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In this post I am going to show you how to build a big boi weight room. Some of you may have an extra room that’s big enough to put this equipment in. Or you may have a garage you don’t store your car in or have a covered patio in your backyard. I mention these because I have seen these options. You may have your reasons of not working out at a gym. The main ones that I have heard of are, “I hate people at the gym.” or, “People get in the way.” or, “They don’t know gym etiquette.” Or this one, “Do you see how they are working out on that?”

Now, I’ve been guilty of saying some of these things but I usually keep it to myself. Others are not so subtle. Some are plain rude when they voice their opinions out loud. Thus, giving some self-proclaimed big boi’s a bad name. I myself hated to be around these guys.

First, most of them weren’t even that big. They were mostly pretty boys weighing 160-180lbs. being loudmouths. These are the people that make going to the gym annoying for beginners and veterans.

OMG!!! This remind me of a guy who was new to the gym I was going to. He went to a chest machine and sat down in it. And instead of putting his hands on the left and right handles of the machine, he put his feet on them and proceeded to do sort of a squat. He was kind of in an awkward position and when he brought his feet to his chest, he cracked a rat!!! He farted so loud that the people who weren’t staring at him already just stopped what they were doing at that moment of time…WooHoo…Hahahaha! Well, I personally never saw that guy again…Which brings me to an important announcement. If you are not sure how to use a piece of equipment, please ask a staff member for assistance. This is my PSA of the day.

Metal Steel Home Workout Gym Dumbbell Weight Rack & Weights.


Get some dumbbells and get a rack. There are plenty of racks to choose from and there are many dumbbell weights to buy as well. If you get an adjustable dumbbell set you may not need a rack but for most big boi’s to switch out plates in the middle of a work out is unfathomable. I’m just putting this out there for you. A better way might be to get individual weights but that’s up to you…No. I’m not haranguing you, I’m just letting you know…okay?

A Sturdy Bench Press & Squat Bar

I believe that a sturdy bench press is the backbone of any gym set up. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, legs and stomach can all be worked out with a good bench and a few dumbbells. I did thousands of bodyweight dips and pushups on my benches over the years.

A sturdy squat bar is an essential part of a big boi gym set up as well. A multi-functional one is even better. For me it should have at least two uses. One, as a squat bar. Two, as a bench press stop. Everything is icing on the cake. I highly recommend a sturdy bench press and squat/bench station if you have the space for a big boi home gym.

Olympic Weight Plates & Olympic Bars

These are the meat and potatoes for any gym period. If you have been to a gym before you have seen these everywhere in a gym.

The most that I have ever benched press was 405lbs. But instead of putting 4 45’s on each side, I thought the sight of (8) 45’s might psych me out. I put (3) 45’s (1) 25 and (2) 10’s on each side.

I laid down on the bench and it went up kind of easy, so I lowered the bar down to chest, took a deep breath, held it then exhaled and pushed with all my might, and it went up smoothly. So I tried it again. I Lowered the bar down to my chest, took another deep breath, held it in then exhaled and did another mighty push. The weight went up very smoothly. So then I tried a third one. Lowered it down to my chest, took another deep breath, held it in, then exhaled and pushed. This time my arms were shaking. There was no mistaking that I reached my limit. The spotters grabbed the bar from me and placed the weight and the bar back on the rack. And that’s when I benched 405lbs. Twice….I know, I know. It sounds kind of like a love story…


Olympic plates have a 2″ diameter hole in the middle instead of a standard plate which has a 1″ hole. The bars that have a 2″ ends are much stronger than a 1″ end. A bar with a 1″ end will start to bend at around 200lbs. where a bar with a 2″ end will start to bend at 1000lbs. These big boi toys start to get expensive at this point. But certainly not more than a car.

I hope I explained to you the basics of a big boi gym. Now, it’s just not for boys. Gurls are welcome to become big gurls, but their temperaments seem a lot lower than big bois. I’m not saying this because of steroid use. Guys just have a much more leave me alone attitude…I’m not saying that big bois or gurls want to be loners…What was the question again? Hold on, I know it. It’s on the tip of my…the tip of my…damn it…


OH YEAH….Tongue!

15 thoughts on “Big Boi Gym Toys | Muscle Up. It’s time.

  1. Haha, boy are you funny right now. I find your post very interesting. You know I’ve been looking to set up my own home gym and it just seems like this particular one has everything that I really need in a home gym. I have to tell you that I really like it and that if like to buy one. I hope I can get the big Bois delivered despite the lockdown.

  2. Hello Courtney, I was laughing out loud while reading about the new guy who came to the gym and you can’t really blame him because not everyone is quite familiar with the equipment we find at the gym. Personally, seeing all these minor equipment here makes me really sad I didn’t get them earlier before the lockdown took place in my country. I have just one dumbbell and at home and it doesn’t feel good when I use it at home to work out now.

  3. Before anything else…I would just like to congratulate you for sharing your articles to us, you know what? you really make me laugh lol! ha3x! I enjoyed reading your stuff over and over again with a big smile in my face especially the ” farting time”, what your telling your readers is a 100% truth of the story,those gym guys that carry small loads are more annoying than those silent heavy lifters in the gym, they barks so loud that they cant even offer a single bite!..thats what you call “small dog syndrome” and they want always recognition and that type of attitude that discourage others to go to the gym for practice …I myself do it at home with my modified place and that is what your article is advocating about plus the adviced of what gym equipment is needed for a personal workout especially of this pandemic that is happening around us today, I think that would be  a practically good suggestions from you man…more power and thank you!

  4. Getting myself set up with my boyfriend in our private home gym is the goal and this post has everything we need entirely in here. I wouldn’t deny that this is detailed and quire helpful to know of. Thumbs up to you and thank you for sharing I’m going to check them out and see the ones we can afford

  5. I have wanted for a long time to build a weight room. But now that I’m trapped in my home, this is just a must. I would really like to have a good Squat bar. And I also pay careful attention to olympic weight plates and olympic bars.

    I’m excited about this one. I have been wanting a weight room for years and now I can afford it (I have been working hard for years) and it’s the right time (I can’t go to the gym). Thanks!

  6. Hello there! This is an awesome review you’ve got here. I’m actually a total notice when it comes to gym though I visit the gym room once in a while but with what I’ve read in this post, I can possibly walk up to the gym and start working on . Thanks for sharing this with me, it’s helpful!

  7. Hi,

    I like the info; it’s pretty helpful. I can only speak from my own experience, though.

    I used to have my “home gym” set up in my basement before I moved. I used it because it was a big room without anything else in the way. It was convenient when I couldn’t make it to the gym.

    I really don’t care for people, either. Right now, I wish I had brought all of my weights, etc., but I couldn’t bring everything for the move. I don’t care much for people and their opinions much. I’m 42 and have been lifting weights since I was 16. I’m about 6′ and 220 pounds currently; I wouldn’t consider myself huge, but I’m strong enough.

    I had lots of different dumbbells with which I did most exercises. They are very versatile for a wide range of exercises. If I had the room, definitely agree with the squat rack and bench. You can pretty much do anything with that equipment. This is a really good post considering the virus and the pretty much widespread gym closures we’re having.

    Thanks for the info,


  8. Hey,

    I left a comment on your site.  I found this post helpful, especially for the current situation of the coronavirus since my gym is currently closed and has been for about a month or so.  I recently moved, but before I did I used my basement as my weight room and had plenty of dumbbells, and also a squat rack and bench.  I’m getting a little older (42 now), but I have worked out since I was 16, and not concerned with lifting super-heavy anymore, but I do like to stay in good shape.  Certain exercises, like squats and deadlifts, help to naturally boost testosterone in guys my age, so this helps to combat stress and cortisol effects.  

    Anyhow, good site and thanks for the info.  As I said, a gym in my home would be really valuable at this time.


  9. So, I do love your post, let me start off with that. I like how you just got to the point of building a gym at home and how you showed your audience that it wasn’t that hard. Many people would rather stay home and work out instead of going to the gym, and this is a good post showing them how to do so. I also like how you put your own feelings and just spoke within; it made it more interesting to read. It made me want to read more and more believe it or not.

    I do have a question though. Who is your target audience exactly? is it for everybody?…I might have missed that in the content.

  10. Hi Courtney 

    You are so right about some gym guys,  you made me laugh. It is a great Idea to set up your own work out area at home, you can save so much and in your own time.

    Do you think I would have to cover the equipment if I set it up on my patio area? how will it cope being outside?

    My wife and daughter had a set and it didn’t  do to well out there. 

    I think the equipment looks sturdy and will do what is ment to do.



    1. Hello Bernardo,

      Thank you for your comment. You don’t have to cover your equipment, but I do recommend having a roof over. them. I lived in a very warm place in CA where summers days got above 110 degrees and let me tell you, grabbing a steel bar at that temperature can scar you for life. The materials of the gym equipment is stainless steel and cast iron weights so it can stand weather. The weights on the other hand you might consider covering up to prevent rusting.

  11. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article and all the useful explanation given.I really enjoyed reading this post because i want to create my own gym. Because there are difficult times and all the gyms are closed i really need a good way to do exercise at home. I like that you putted here “toys” for all the muscles groups included upper body and legs too. For me is a big advantage to train the both parts of my body.

  12. Thank you so much for this great article. it is really helpful. from the insight i have gotten from your article, it is pretty easy to set up a workout station in my home especially now that there is restriction of movement due to the covid 19 pandemic. you story is amusing thank you very much for sharing.

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