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In the beginning you don’t need a lot of weights to get a great workout. If you want to build strength, size, quickness and agility, then you can start here on this page. There are a plethora, (See ma! I actually used that word!) of exercises you can do with a minimum of equipment. You might to spurge on one set of dumbbells which I will showcase for you, but is not really necessary to start, but good to eventually have. You may also build your own collection at your pace as well. So, let’s get started. Shall we?

CAP Barbell Set of 2

(Click on image for details and price)

I am showcasing the 20lb. set of weights. Of course you may pick a more appropriate weight set as you feel fit. As they get lighter the price goes down and as they go up, the price increases. This pair of weights sell for $130.00. Now I am not downplaying my retailer, but you can find dumbbells of this weight for half the cost of these from your local retailer. Anyways, a good pair of dumbbells is recommended. Expect to find and buy them locally. I think the shipping weight has taken my retailer out of the weights business.

Dumbbells are great to use as standalone equipment and as equipment you can use with other equipment. like a basic bench press. You can use a bench press as bodyweight equipment, like for pushups where you lean against the bench press and do  push-ups. I do narrow, shoulder and wide grip push-ups., Tricep dips , where you turn your back to the bench, then place your hands on the edge of the bench and press up with your arms. And of course  ab work, where you lay on your back on the bench and do  ab crunches, leg lifts or any other ab movements that you want to do. I did recommend a basic bench, but I am going one step further. I’m going to recommend to you an adjustable bench.

Yes4All Adjustable Weight Bench

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Here’s an adjustable bench that I like. The incline portion of the bench is strong and durable. This bench can support up to 400lbs. and its construction is made of heavy gauge steel with a powder coating that resists chipping, rust and corrosion.

You can do a multitude of exercises with a pair of dumbbells and a weight bench. Exercises such as sitting shoulder press, bicep curls, one arm rows, incline bench press, regular flat bench press, incline bench fly’s, flat bench fly’s, tricep extensions you can even do squat related exercises, plus the other exercises that I have mentioned above. Be creative and figure out other exercises you can do with one dumbbell set and a bench. If you outgrow your dumbbells just grab another pair.

An ordinary bench can be a major part of a workout regimen. You can do research on the internet on different ways to use a set of dumbbells and a bench. Speaking about the internet. You may want to look this next item on the net as well. In high school I was introduced to this piece of equipment. I used it in the weight room and it seems to have made a resurgence in its use across the land. I am talking about the medicine ball. Now when I first saw these, I thought to myself, “Self, what’s up with these damn balls. They were heavy and they couldn’t bounce worth a damn.” Now I tried to bounce them, but no matter how hard i would throw them against the floor they wouldn’t bounce like a real ball. They would just hit with a big giant “PING”….Hahaha…I’m just kidding. They would hit the floor with a big giant “THUD”. Pretty worthless I thought. Then I saw some guys doing it on purpose. “WTH” I thought to myself, again. I did a lot of insipid thinking in my youth. (I just used another big word!) Then I saw the movements they were creating with their bodies. When they threw the ball down by using an over the head throw, it used the shoulders and back, abs and quadriceps muscles. When they did a “basketball pass” it worked the chest, shoulder and tricep muscles. It built their agility, quickness and strength..But I was relegated to use them for my ab workouts…Yup. I loved that piece of equipment. But hey. You just might love these…just like me…

The Amazing Exercise Ball

Or as we called it back in the day…

The Medicine Ball

(Click on images for details and price for 12lb exercise ball)

(Click on images for details and price for 15lb exercise ball)





Now there are complete workout programs that use these exercise balls to build  or maintain your strength, agility, power and quickness. I know athletes of many sports that use these contraptions. You can find exercise ball programs at local high schools, colleges, universities, local gyms, teen centers, senior centers and for enterprising students you can even teach yourself with a good app or do an internet search and for a home use program. Just have an appropriate place to use it. For example, not on the upper floors of your house, by the china cabinet or by your miniature poodle…Just use common sense, please…I’m pleading with you. Use a safe, appropriate areas for wherever you workout.  I had a dog named Bo in high school and he loved to be in the same room when I worked out. Now Bo was a real dog, a half Doberman and half German Shepard 90lb dog. Well one time I was doing bicep curls on my EZ curl bar but didn’t use any barbell collars at the ends of the bar. Well, I was at the end of my arm workout and was doing my last reps to failure when the weight plates shifted during the rep. One plate slid off the end and as I tried to re-balance the bar, my dog was lying under the other side of the bar. In my quest to regain balance another plate slid off on the other side, landing on my doggie’s head. Bo yelped, I  threw the weight bar and weights to the other end of the room. I knelt beside him and cried out “Bo!” He then rolled on his back wagged his big tail and rolled over on his back for a tummy rub…I gave him an extra dog biscuit for that move.

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12 thoughts on “Basic Weightlifting Equipment | Stuff to get you started

  1. Poor dog! 🙂
    I like it you mix personal stories into your explanation. I don’t intend to collect a whole set to lift anymore, but I did pickup a bit of weight lifting last year. Because now that I aging I am very aware of the benefits of strength training. Thanks , Courtney.

    1. hannie,

      Thank you for enjoying my style of writing. Believe me, I do know about aging. My days of benching 400lbs. multiple times are long over. I exercise to keep my gut smaller than my chest now. And just to let you know, no dogs were intentionally hurt during my workouts. He does love his tummy rubs and dog biscuits.

  2. Hey,

    I love coming to your site, as I still need to get some fundamental equipment for my home gym. Since lockdown we have not been able to go to the gym in the UK, so I need to arrange my home gym. Thank you for the recommendations and I will let you know how I get on with organising the home gym.

    If I have any questions or anything you can help me with then I will get in touch, if that is OK?

    Thank you again for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  3. I have not thought of medicine balls probably in decades 🙂 We had regular throw and catch sessions while running in pairs in school. Not once it fell on someones toes, but it did not stop our teacher to use them with lots of love-unlike us 😉
    Thank you for the advice about looking for dumbbells locally-I might do just that. Would you have a suggestion of some adjustable ones, perhaps? To save some space?
    Also, what would you suggest as a basic equipment for over 60 people who would like to build some strength in weakened muscles?

    1. Sure, I have a few recommendations for adjustable weights:




      As for people over 60 I would recommend resistance bands such as this particular all-in-one gym. This can vary resistance from 10lbs-110lbs.
      The Gorilla Bar

      I really hope this is what you are looking for.



  4. helloo dear, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing post with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your website, i belive these is exactly what my brother needs, he normally goes to the gym store alot, i believe if he sees a trustworthy site like yours, he will be happy to purchase some equipment from your site, thanks alot for the info

  5. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I think the 2set barbell and the adjustable weight bench are one of the most important as with them one can create a very good daily exercise routine.

    1. You are so welcome and thank you. Just remember to buy a set of dumbbells locally rather trough my website. And I agree with you. The weightbench is an important part of equipment to have to create a good daily exercise routine.



  6. Weightlifting Equipment Stuff To Get You Started has been very motivating for me, I am in my 60’s now an with the COVID-19 virus the YMCA has been closed for months now. So I can feel I am having less energy and stiffer joints the past month or so, I was just wondering is the equipment you recommend good for someone out of shape in their 60’s.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Lifting with weights can be jolting on your joints especially when lifting off the ground or putting them back down. For people who are concerned about joint relief I recommend resistance bands or cables. Much like this all-in-one apparatus called The Gorilla Bar.

      The resistance these offers are from 10lbs. to 110lbs.



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