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The Total Gym | Indoor Home Gym

You might recognize the man in the video…If you don’t know who it is, that’s Chuck Norris. The Black Belt Martial Arts Expert and famous movie and television actor.

Still no clue of who he is? Oh, you do know who he is…Great. Anyways, he is or was the spokesman for The Total Gym. He has been for years. Well, this video is 5 years old but the basic design of the The Total Home Gym is the same.

The weights that you use is your own bodyweight. You adjust the weight resistance by lowering or raising the body platform. I have used this and it can give you one hell of a workout.

You can workout your arms, back, shoulders, chest and of course legs. This is indeed a very versatile machine and easy to set=up and use. I have seen attachments that will enable you to put on 1″ plate weights on but is not included on this set.

To help you find suitable exercises for you to use your Total Gym there are a plethora of video resources on the net for you to peruse.

There are plenty of video trainers you can watch or you can watch good ole Chuck or Christie Brinkley show you how to use this machine.

There are three models to choose from. The G5, the one that I am featuring here. The G3 and the G1. Take a look at the one that fits your goals the best.

Go! Go! I’ll be here waiting.

The Marcy Standard Weight Bench | The memories come rushing back

mom_meNow this brings back memories of my first bench press. My dad bought one for me when I asked for a set for my birthday.

To be sure, I used the shit out of it. I was on this everyday for a good amount of my high school days. But like all good things, it must come to an end.

You see I was doing a grueling summer chest workout and I was home alone. I was targeting 10 sets of bench press while doing sets of pushups in between sets of bench press.

My chest was rushing full of blood. It felt really good. I then proceeded to do my eighth set of bench press. I decided to put everything I had on my weight bar.

I loaded it up and put the locking clips on the ends. The weight I think was at 245lbs. including the weight of my weight bar.

I laid down on the bench press, lifted the weight and proceeded to push the bar up. I counted, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. I made 8, barely, then I tried for 9…I said, I tried for 9…It got halfway up. Then I realized that I reached muscle failure…

“Uh Oh”, I thought to myself. I rested the weight on my chest. Then I inhaled a big breath of air, held it in and pushed it up…or rather I tried to push it up…It didn’t budge. “Damn” I said to myself.

I called out for some help, only to realize that I was home alone. My trusty dog Bo was there with me and he rushed over to assist me by licking my face. So he wasn’t much help.

As I laid there with 245lbs. balanced on my chest. And then I felt the weight shifting and tilting to one side…and it kept going. I tried with all my remaining strength to re-balance the bar back on my chest…

So now I was pinned underneath one side of my weight bar with 120lbs. directly over my throat and the other end on the floor. I was starting to worry at this time.

It might have been a half hour or maybe an hour or maybe 10 minutes. Time really drags when you are in a position like this.

Then I heard the door was opening. I yelled out, “Help!” My dad came rushing in and with one hand he lifted the bar off my throat, went back into our kitchen and said to me, “How much is a gym membership?”

And that’s how I joined a gym. The best one in our city.


And that’s why I recommend the Marcy Workout Bench…No, Wait…Oh crap!!!



9 thoughts on “All In One Gyms | Be One With Yourself

  1. Hey! I think the G3 is the one that suits me best. Thanks for including your experience joining the gym for the first time. Good to have your dad close. Reading this also brought me good memories when I went to a gym for the first time being a teenager. Cool to remember those moments! Thanks! 

    1. The G3 is a fine machine. Yup, my memories of going to the gym with my buddies are all great…My dad can be a strict S.O.B. but he cares. RIP Dad.

  2. Loved loved your  personal story. I’ve been training at gyms since 18 years old and I’m now 37. My husband and I are looking for home gym equipment because this virus has pushed us to finally invest in a home gym even though we prefer going to an actual gym. We don’t have a lot of space at home so this would be a great addition. We are considering the G3. And yes, we recognized Chuck Norris without you having to tell us lol

  3. Chuck Norris has always been my favourite actor in the 90’s, he’s really good in action movies, so if he’s really into this I will definitely get the gym. Gym helps us to work out and working out doesn’t just keep your body well but in good shape but it also help keep you healthy and strong to fight diseases.

    This article presents to you various indoor home gym you can buy to ease you the stress of going out to work out especially this challenged times of covid 19 keeping everyone indoors. So I recommend you go for the G3 indoor home gym to keep on with your work out.

  4. Wow! Nice article you have got there

    Now that we are at home if don’t we don’t excercise we will get out of shape and grow fat! But having all the gym in one gym is great, I will order for one,to keep me and family fit during our stay at home. Ofcourse! I have known child Norris from childhood!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all these posts here and to be honest, I really like this post a lot. Your personal story is my high point in this post because it was really interesting to read. I must say that I really fancy everything you have shared here. Thank you so much for sharing here. I have been gyming for quite some years now and I lokkforward to building my home gym too

  6. I have been a big lover of the gym for a very long time but now that there is a lockdown, one has to try to do all one can from the house. It’s a good thing that you can share your own personal experience from using a home gym. I must say that the feeling must be better than going to the gym and when i think of it, going to the fitness center is a bit costly if one considers registration and transportation. 

  7. Great article, exercise is really good for the body and should been done regularly, it keeps the body fit and also hinder some disease from the body. I have been doing exercise for some time though at the gym very far from my house and i will certainly love to have this all in one gym to keep it in my house, it will be eaiser, thank you for sharing your experience, it is very informative…Thanks again.

  8. Such an interesting story, it got me scared at first until I got to the end. Thanks to your dad for coming in just at the right time. I practically do not gym but I love it though. I only engage in push ups and some other little excercises, but I think I am going to be using this staying at home due to Covid-19 pandemic as an advantage to start my gym indoors and I also prefer the G3.

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