Adjustable Kettleball Weight Sets |It Helps if you Swing hard but it’s not Necessary

Kettle Gryp

If you already own or have access to dumbbells through a gym or a friends dumbbell rack, or maybe you travel and the hotel you are staying at has a set of dumbbells in the hotel health center, then this item is for you. You simply open the handle and place the dumbbell in the center then clamp the handle and you have a perfect kettleball to use for your workout. The Kettle Gryp has the capability to support up to a 55lb. dumbbell. At 1lb. this accessory will become one of your most important workout devices in your gymbag. The Kettle Gryp is a lightweight, durable and inexpensive solution that comes with a lifetime warranty. Also owned by a Veteran owned company that manufactures every Kettle Gryp in San Diego, CA. So get a gryp and you will never lose your “gryp” in reality…Get it? Gryp? Reality?…nothing.

(Click on the image of the Kettle Gryp or here to see details and price)


NewMe Fitness Kettlebell Handle

This kettleball handle uses standard 1″ plates used on standard barbells and dumbbells for its weight load. It also uses a one piece metal construction for the handle making it both durable and very secure. On the plate bar section there are screw in fasteners on the top and bottom that tightly hold the plates in to give a secure and safe workout tool for your use. There is no weight max on the literature I can see but this can easily hold at least 100lbs. of plates. The handle is ergonomically designed and built to feel good in your hand or hands. Go get these so you can get a “handle” on things…anything? (…crickets…)

(Click on the image of the Kettlebell Handle or here to see details and price)

Apex Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

This Apex Adjustable Kettleball has the capability to adjust from 20lbs. – 50lbs. The minimum weight is made up of the kettleball handle of 15lbs. + 5lb. base plate. You just have to remember that there is a 50lb. limit to your kettleball.

This Apex setup contains just the kettleball handle weight and the 5lb. base plate. Leaving it up to you to provide the standard 1″ weight plates to make up the difference. If you already own standard weight plates no big deal.

If you are just starting maybe the included 20lbs. will suffice. You can buy an extra 5 or 10lb. plate when you are ready to add more weight. I think looking for used weight equipment is a grand idea since when people sell their gym equipment they just want it out of their house and usually price their items to sell fast. Or buy your plates at a local sporting goods store. 5 and 10lb. plates wont break the bank. Either way you have options.

The construction of the Apex Adjustable Kettleball is impressive. It uses a solid cast iron base with a powder coating for a durable finish that will help your kettleball last for years to come…Just don’t go “apex” cray cray on me…okay, I stretched on that one.

(Click on the image of the Apex Kettlebell Handle or here to see details and price)

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights

I know that these are not adjustable but what good is a kettlebell review without good old kettleballs in it. The AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebells come in a range of sizes from 10lbs. to 60lbs. The cost ranges from $21.00 for a 10lb. to $70.00 for a 60lb. weight. If you are a prime member shipping is free. Click on the link below to see all the prices for the kettlebells. These are made of  high quality cast iron and have a painted surface for corrosion and durability to provide you with years of service. So please, don’t “cast” dispersions on me…(…crickets…)

(Click on the image of the Amazon Kettlebell or here to see details and price)

Other options for kettlebells

  1. WF Athletic Supply
  2. Power Systems
  3. ZXQZ Heaxy Duty Kettlebells


BowFlex 840 Kettlebell

BowFlex, the creator of cool looking workout gear has come up with another winner. The BowFlex 840. The numbers mean the minimum and maximum weight of this kettlebell. The low side is 8lbs. and the maximum is 40lbs.

The weight is chosen by a selector switch on the top of the apparatus and the cast iron weight stacks are either discharged at the bottom, and to add them back on you place the apparatus back over the weight stack and lock them back in place. All put together in a slick package.

I mean it looks great and the ratings are above my minimum rating of 4 out of 5 stars I require on all the products I review, but I don’t like the warning of “Dropping the item may cause internal components to malfunction.” As a piece that is meant to swing around and lift above your head I think it is more than likely to drop something, sometime.

When I was in the gym and I used to bench press 100lb. dumbbells I used to drop…okay, throw the weights down on a rubber mat. This warning does not give me great confidence in it…This is just my opinion, I mean there are a lot of satifsied people who use this.

8 thoughts on “Adjustable Kettleball Weight Sets |It Helps if you Swing hard but it’s not Necessary

  1. Dear Courtney
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards their healthy living and perfect body. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  2. Wow, what an impressive list of kettle bells and handles. Looking at the video, the Kettle Gryp looks very straightforward and easy to assemble and start using, and it is great to see that it comes with a life time guarantee. 

    My son would love to see this post, so I will be sharing it with him. 

  3. Fun review post to read…got a kick out of all your jokes/puns! You gave great info on all the options you presented. So which one would you chose? Which give you more bang for your buck? I think I like the kettle gryp – that seems like the best choice to me. Will look further into it. Thanks for an informative post that is easy to read and understand. 

    1. Hi Dana,

      The Kettle Gryp is great, but you still need access to dumbbells. I do have dumbbells so this would be a great choice for me. The Apex is a good choice too if you can handle the minimum weight of 20lbs. If you are careful I also like the BowFlex, just don’t drop them. And for a durable kettlebell I like the AmazonBasics…My gosh I pretty much named all items in my review. I actually like them all. Thanks for the comment Dana.



  4. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your great information about the kettleball weight set. Seems like you’ve got hands on experience on these gym equipment hence very through and honest review.

    I’ve learnt quite alot from it.

    Keep up the great work. Very nice website by the way.

    Best wishes

  5. Already got my adjustable dumbbells a month ago because I really realised I need to work out through all this to keep myself in shape so all I need now is the Kettle gryp.Good thing that the price is nothing to complain about otherwise i would be making my own home made kettle gryp lol. Thank you for sharing hese great tips there couldn’t be a more informative article for me.

  6. I am very interested about your review about kettle Gryp and I really want to know more about it. This the first time I encounter this product and it’s functionality. However I cannot read the whole thing because the ads on the left and right corner keep on blocking the article. My reading experience was distracted by the banner covering your posts.

    1. You can close the banner ads by clicking on the bottom corners of the ads or you can resize the the page by pushing your CTRL key and rolling your scroll key on your mouse forward. Then you will be able to read the whole review on the Kettle Gryp. If you need anymore help, please let me know.

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