About Courtney

About Courtney (Me)

I’m now a disabled middle aged dad who is divorced with now two semi-adult daughters. My daughters live primarily with their mom and I feel that I am short on time before my kids spread their wings and leave the nest. I would love to buy them a few nice things before they jump the ship, so to speak.

I got my first B.S. college degree in Landscape Architecture, then I moved over to the tech side of things and earned an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification. I currently have 10 computer certifications, then got a second B.S. degree in Computer Science, specifically in Game Simulation Programming. Yup, I had a pretty nice life before I became disabled…But onward and upward as the saying goes. But the funnest job I ever had was as a bouncer in college…That was enormously fun…No, I really mean FUN. I mean capitol “F”, capitol “U”, capitol “N”. I was also a security guard at concerts. I was usually was placed on the actual stage with the acts…That was cool!

In my younger days I was a very active kid/teen and adult. I was involved in all sorts of sports. Basketball, baseball, football, martial arts, swimming, snow skiing, wrestling and I even did some figure ice skating, which I found not to my liking and ballroom dancing, which I found most enjoyable…I was also a body double in porn movies…Nah. I am just kidding about that…Or, am I….

But my most favorite thing I have ever done was weightlifting. I lifted for 5-6 days a week. I lifted for over 30 years. My first time I ever lifted I was 16 in 10th grade, just as I hit puberty really hard. I grew big fast. I will never forget the feeling being on a weight machine. It was a Nautilus gym in 1981. I think I did an hour workout. I remember the feeling of not being able to walk and not being able to put shampoo on my head. I was really sore for about a week…ahhhh memories.

After that I was hooked. I bought a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger called The Education of a Bodybuilder and that was my workout bible. My first workout was during summer break between jr. high and high school and the difference was stunning.

My chest and shoulders really filled out that summer and people took notice. At my largest my chest measurement was 52 inches, shoulders were at 65 inches waist was at 34 inches, not really that small but paired with my chest and shoulder measurements it was pretty respectable.

I had lots of fun being called the buff guy over the years. Made a lot of friends drank a lot of beer too. But like everything else all good things must pass.

Got married, had a couple kids had a good paying job paid all my bills on time even saved a chunk of change. But I got sick, wife left me because of it, eventually lost my job because of the financial crisis of 2008. But I continue to persevere…Anyways…

My weight has fluctuated over the years. I’ve weighed 230lbs. all the way down to 170lbs. during my active lifting days. My weight in my posted picture above, I weighed an even 200lbs. I have since slowed down a bit due to my disability, but Que Sera Sera (What will be will be.)

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