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What training gear do you need when you work out? Your hands, your legs? What else is there? There are a lot of things to consider when working out. Like what kind of workout will you be doing. There are dozens if not hundreds of different workouts you can do for your fitness and health. And they all need different gear. For me personally I have been involved in baseball, basketball, football, martial arts, road cycling, mountain biking, wrestling and my favorite of all is weightlifting. I have been involved with weightlifting for over 30 years and have used all sorts of Workout Training Gear. Even though I have slowed down a bit over the years I still love the feeling of the cold hard steel in my hands as it warms up in my hot hands. I lift those weights’ rep after rep and feel the rush of blood pump through my body. So, in his blog will start with weightlifting and as I progress I may go in to other workout gear that I have used or heard of.

Weight Resistance Training – What is it and what does it do.

10lb_weightsResistance training is basically moving against resistance. When you lift or push against anything with substance you are creating resistance. The training part is pretty much repetitions and of course the weights’ are, well weights’ or a measured resistance usually in lbs. or kg. (pounds and kilograms). This of course is Resistance weight lifting.

There are quite a few types of resistance training. There are springs, bands, pulleys, using your own body weight, weights’ and exercise machines just to name a few.

Repetitions are a key ingredient in resistance training. That is when you repeat a motion called repetitions. The more resistance used along with repetitions will make your muscles stronger and bigger depending on your dietary intake. The body depends on building blocks of nutrition input to create stronger and bigger muscles. Basically the more building blocks you put in your body, the bigger your muscles can get depending on the quality of building blocks you use.

Basic Gym Gear – What Kind of Gym Training Gear Should you Wear?

There is a kind of uniform that you should wear in the gym. Men shouldn’t wear a suit and women should not wear a dress to the gym. There are hundreds if not thousands of clothiers that make workout gear specifically for the gym. The bare basics are a T-shirt, sweat pants or shorts and appropriate shoes.

Shoes are another gym necessity. Men and women shouldn’t wear dress or even casual shoes to the gym. Sneakers or athletic shoes are the most appropriate to wear to the gym. There are thousands of types of athletic shoes that can be chosen. They should be comfortable and durable to protect your feet. Some people believe that their sneakers are also their dress shoes, casual and gym wear. To each their own is all I can say. Link here.

Gym Gear Accessories – Gym Accoutrements

Gym gear accessories. These could be workout gloves, weightbelts, knee wraps, ankle wraps, weight straps, wrist wraps, compression shirts and other accessories that I may have omitted. These accessories are used by just about everybody who has gone to the gym a number of times. I personally have used all of these accessories myself so I do have experience in the use of these accessories.

Workout gloves – Very important to me. I built up calluses on my hand from lifting heavy weights and I could not have that since I shook a lot of hands during my earlier years. Nothing like shaking hands with a woman who pulls back because she thought something was in my hand. So I lotioned up my hands and wore weightlifting gloves until my calluses disappeared.

Weightlifting belts – If you are going to lift heavy weights a lifting belt is necessary. It protects your back by giving you super extra support and keeps you from injury. They are so prevalent now that you see them in every warehouse and just about any job that involves lifting has them in their offices.

Wraps – Whether it is a knee, ankle, elbow, wrist they all support the joints from injury or help injured joints by providing support and compression. I have pretty much used them all at one time or another.

Compression T-shirts – Now these weren’t around when I was lifting heavy. Compression body suits are mainly used by competitive powerlifters for deadlifting, benchpress and squats. It’s what bodybuilders wear to hug their bodies very nicely, like what “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson wears a lot. I do have a few of these shirts and they do provide compression on my whole upper body so I guess they work as a light weightbelt for the whole upper body. All I can say is that I look great in these shirts too.

Weight straps – These are basically straps for pulling. If your grip gives out when lifting massive amounts of weight these will give you extra pulling ability. Useful for working out the back they can be all a heavy cloth style or they can metal hooks embedded in to them.


bicep_poseWorkout training gear can be an essential part of your gym experience. I also had great training partners over the years as I believe that a great partner is the most important part of lifting. But when they can’t be around I have to depend on myself to safely do a lift. There are a lot of experienced lifters out there that will give you a hand when you need a spot to watch and help you make a heavy lift. Your gear is important too. Don’t buy cheap stuff but you also don’t need the most expensive gear either. I mean why do you need weight gloves made by a Tibetan monk who uses only the leather from humanely slaughtered goats and then soaks the leather in the goats milk….Why, why I ask you?

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